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‘Red Tails’ Filmmaker George Lucas Plans Low-Income Housing in Marin County

This is probably not what his Marin County, CA, neighbors had in mind when they repeatedly denied Hollywood mogul George Lucas the right to build a movie studio on his ranch over the last 25 years. So Lucas finally gave up on the studio—and instead announced that he was going to build low-income housing in the wealthy, predominantly white county.

The Star Wars director had grand visions for a studio that would include indoor and outdoor sound stages, a daycare center, a restaurant, gym, screening rooms, nearly two dozen overnight guest suites and parking for over 200 cars—not to mention more than $300 million to the local economy and hundreds of jobs. When he was repeatedly struck down by the Lucas Valley Estates Homeowners Association (the valley got its name long before he moved in), which complained about the traffic and attention the studio would bring to their bucolic surroundings, the producer of Red Tails even promised to devote 95 percent of the land to conservation. Still, his neighbors said No.

So Lucas is now reportedly working with the Marin Community Foundation, an affordable housing advocate, to build residences for Marin’s low-income population.

Lucas, who has been dating African-American financier Mellody Hobson for the past five years, said through a spokesperson that the neighbors reacted to his studio plans with “bitterness and anger.”

We’re guessing they’re probably not exactly thrilled by the low-income housing either.


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