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London Airport Discriminating Against White Passengers

In what appears to be a bizarre attempt at equality, there are reports out of London that white airline passengers have been discriminated against in order to avoid complaints from black passengers. This report came on the heels of a government inspection of London’s Gatwick Airport.

John Vine, chief inspector of the U.K. Border Agency, spoke on the matter through a report obtained by The Times newspaper in London. “This involved detaining white passengers purely to avoid potential race discrimination complaints when there was an intention to question black passengers.”

This wasn’t the only discrepancy inspectors had with the London airport: international passengers arriving with marijuana were allowed into the country and merely given a warning when the law states they should be arrested.

London is set to host the Olympic Games this summer.

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5 thoughts on “London Airport Discriminating Against White Passengers

  1. John Payton says:

    I don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. The TSA does this all the time in the U.S. They search 80 year old white grandmothers from florida, so they can say to the muslim passengers "look at us. We don't profile. We check everyone for explosives and hand gernades".
    It is nothing more than another example of politiclaly correct bullshit from our government.
    I'd love to take everyone in the obama administration and toss them into a federal prison.
    Then forget about them and let them starve to death.

  2. Helen Holmes says:

    A clone of our TSA and adds to the reasons many of us no longer travel by air. It's just not worth the potential humiliation and definite stress.

  3. The PC mob will knacker this country eventually unless this stupidity (positive discrimination) is stopped NOW.

  4. Dawn Birney says:

    its time for us to start standing up, and demanding that this double standard stops! I already have, and it usually shocks the offenders into a stupor.

  5. Ann Fisher says:

    Mr. Payton, Mr. Obama and his administration are not to blame for the security faux pas we all have to deal with now. That began during the previous administration and as a white, 60 year old grandmother, I was patted down in the Honolulu airport simply because I was an old lady travelling alone. I have to tell you, that was embarassing and did nothing to endear the policies of dear Mr. Bush to me.

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