Beyonce Entangled In Video Game Lawsuit

Beyonce Knowles is hit with bad news just before Mother’s Day. A Manhattan judge, Justice Charles Ramos, has given the green light to Gate Five, a video-game developer, to allow their lawsuit to go to trial against the “Countdown” singer.

Gate Five claims that mother of four-month-old Blue Ivy Carter abruptly backed out of the “Starpower: Beyonce” $20 million game deal.

“You continue to negotiate right up until the time you pull the plug. That is not going to work with me,” said Ramos per New York Times.

However, Bey’s lawyers contend their client was well within her right to walk away from the deal because Gate Five didn’t have it’s finances in order.

Gate Five counters, suggesting Beyonce knew it was ready to sign a contract with its financier on Dec. 6, 2010 when she pulled out three days earlier.

In the aftermath, the game was squashed and the company laid off 70 employees. Ramos said Beyonce should have given Gate Five notice that she would walk.

Who do you think is in the wrong? Bey or Gate Five?


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