Thandie Newton Starts In DirectTV's First Original Show 'Rogue'

Thandie Newton Starts In DirectTV's First Original Show 'Rogue'

DirectTV has broken into the original programing market.

The satellite service provider has green lit its first show titled Rogue, which will star Thandie Newton. The story follows Grace, a conflicted cop who thinks she may have brought about the death of her son, and whose investigation into the case is complicated by her romance with the criminal who may have had something to do with it.

The show was created by Matthew Parhill, who will also write the script. Nick Hamm, John Morayniss and Michael Rosenberg will serve as executive producers.

The satellite company isn’t completly in the dark when it comes to producing content. The company paid for the final three episodes of Friday Night Lights, keeping the show alive after NBC wanted to cancel the show. DirectTV also paid for two more seasons of FX’s Damages after FX decided to cancel that show. Now, Damages airs exclusively on DirectTV’s network.

Rogue will begin shooting in August of this year and is expected to air next summer on DirectTV’s Audience Network.


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