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Is There A Place For Feminine Energy In Business?

Is there a place for femininity in the board room? Forbeswoman contributor Natalie Peace shares her take on the benefits of being a woman in business.

“Visionary women have helped shift the landscape, showing us new models of leadership that include natural feminine qualities like softness, kindness, giving and emoting. Authentic relating has become the focus of many organizations committed to fostering team dynamics where people feel safe and supported in doing their best work.

The feminine force is not weak at all. Indeed, witnessing a mama bear protecting her cubs should relieve anyone of that idea.

Does it matter that Facebook only has men on their board? I think so. I think any business that doesn’t have both men and women in positions of power and influence is missing out, big time. That balance is crucial for creating thriving, profitable businesses that are built to endure. No matter how big or small your operation is, I highly encourage every entrepreneur to seek counsel from members of the opposite sex–If you’re the sole employee of your business, find a trusted advisor to give you feedback from perspectives that don’t come as naturally to you.

And ladies–please don’t ever underestimate the value of your softer side. ”

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What do you think are the benefits of women in business? Do you think too many women have dropped her femininity in favor of masculine approach to win in business?

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