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Chris Brown Smashes ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Performance

Chris Bown’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ performance Tuesday received a warm welcome from the crowd and the blogs.

The 23-year-old performed “Turn Up The Music” with high energy, neon stroll lights, and dance moves that had him all over the stage or up in the air. The performance was really entertaining!

Not only did Brown finish the performance flawlessly, the “Strip” singer, quasi-rapper completed the entire evening without incident.

The night before the “Next To You” singer headed out of the AV nightclub in Versace for H&M with a Los Angeles Lakers hat with friends in Hollywood—and again without incident!

Brown recently jumped on B.o.B.’s song “Arena” that included rapper T.I.

Chris seems to be on the right path without any mishaps as of late and, more importantly, that others are allowing him too.

Watch Brown’s performance below:

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