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New Trailer: Ben Affleck's C.I.A Thriller 'Argo'

Ben Affleck’s Argo has just released its first trailer. Affleck, who also stars in the movie, brings to light a true story that unfolded behind the scenes of recent American history. The film could easily conjure mixed reviews with its absurd elements, but this looks like another solid hit for the actor turned director.

Based on the riveting must read article “How The CIA Used A Fake Sci-Fi Flick To Rescue Americans From Tehran”, Argo chronicles the real life CIA covert operation to rescue a group of six Americans from Tehran during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

On November 4th 1979, as the Iranian revolution reached its boiling point, militants ambushed the US embassy in Tehran taking 52 Americans hostage. Somehow six hostages managed to slip away and find refuge in the home of a Canadian Ambassador.  A CIA specialist named Tony Mendez devised a risky scheme to rescue the hostages by fronting as a Hollywood movie crew shooting a film called Argo.

Ben Affleck’s insanely talented cast includes Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Kyle Chandler, Richard Kind, Scoot McNairy, Chris Messina, Michael Parks, and Taylor Schilling.

The Warner Bros. produced film Argo is set to release September 14th of this year.

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