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Deion Sanders Granted Temporary Custody of Children

On Monday, a Dallas area judge granted NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders temporary custody of his two children by estranged wife Pilar Sanders. The court hearing stemmed from an April 23rd altercation inside Sanders’ Dallas-area mansion.

Pilar suffered minor injuries during the incident and wore a bandage on her arm each day of court (pictured). State District Judge Ray Wheless ruled that the injuries were a result of Sanders defending himself from her assault.

According to police testimony, Deion said he was in a kitchen area attached to his bedroom when Pilar began kicking the kitchen door. He then told reporters his wife began to slap him, forcing Deion to use force to remover her from the room.  After removing her he was then attacked by Pilar and a friend.

The children will continue to live in Sanders home while Pilar has been ordered to remain at least 500 feet away.

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