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Deion Sanders Gains Temporary Custody And Restraining Order From Pilar

Deion Sanders has been given temporary custody of he and estranged wife Pilar Sander’s children pending a full custody hearing. State District Judge Ray Wheless is also mandating the children undergo psychological counseling and for Pilar to stay at least 500 yards away from the Hall of Famer’s suburban Dallas home.

The ruling came just after three days of hearings in the Sanders’ assault case.

Wheless ruled that the injuries to Pilar Sanders, which she alleged her husband inflicted during the April 23 scuffle at their Prospect home were a result of Deion Sanders defending himself from her assault. Wheless said since the former Dallas Cowboy player experienced no pain it was only simple assault, which is punishable by a fine.

The hearings started last week at the Collin County Courthouse in McKinney following the nasty altercation that involved varied versions from the former couple and Twitter timeline recounts. Though the retired NFL player filed for divorce in December, the pair still shared the home.

So, how did the determination of Deion gaining temporary custody of the children come about though both were charged with misdemeanor simple assault?

The police officer who arrived on the scene to take the report of the altercation, John Gardner, testified that he didn’t see any signs of attack on Pilar Sanders and that her injured lip looked to have been self-imposed by biting.

Though Deion didn’t directly discuss the proceedings, he took to Twitter to tweet a not-so-cryptic message following the ruling: “GOD IS SO GOOD! DON’T EVER DOUBT HIM NO MATTER HOW YOUR SITUATION LOOKS. TRUST HIM PLEASE. HE IS SO FAITHFUL.”

We really hope both Pilar and Deion come to an agreed understanding, at least for all children involved.


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