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Study: Money Is Cause of Most Arguments for Married Couples

The biggest source of conflict between married couples is money, according to a survey from the American Institute of CPAs. Researchers polled over 1,000 people and 27 percent cited financial woes as the topic most likely to start an argument.

Jordan Amin, chair of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission, believes this is because of the sensitive nature of the subject and differing views on how to handle money.

“Money is a lightning rod for conflict in relationships because it’s a sensitive topic and each person brings a different perspective based on their past experiences,” said Amin in the press release for the study. “It’s critical for couples to communicate openly and regularly about financial matters in order to establish a common language around money and move toward shared goals.”

Other findings show factors like age can affect the frequency of arguments as well. According to the study, people between the ages of 45-54 argue about money around four times per month, compared to three times a month for everybody else. The most pressing money issues are unexpected expenses and insufficient savings. The study also showed that three in ten married people have hidden purchases or made purchases without telling their spouses.

Huffington Post blogger and finance expert Jennifer Calandra thinks communication could get rid of a lot of these issues. “Make it a point to establish your level of expectation from the beginning regarding communication,” said Calandra in a blog post. “It will help significantly as time goes on.”

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