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Studies Show Curry Could Help Cancer, Dementia Patients

The curry used in abundance in Caribbean and Indian food might be a lifesaver.

Recent studies were released showing that curry could destroy lab-grown cancer cells and possibly help patients that are prone to strokes or have dementia. Doctors in the United Kingdom are planning to do an investigative trail in which they will find out if administering curry with chemotherapy to cancer patients will improve their condition.

Doctors are hoping using curry will improve treatment of bowel cancer, one of the hardest cancers to treat. “Once bowel cancer has spread it is very difficult to treat, partly because the side effects of chemotherapy can limit how long patients can have treatment,” Professor William Steward, leader of the study, told the BBC. “The prospect that curcumin might increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy is exciting because it could mean giving lower doses, so patients have fewer side effects and can keep having treatment for longer.”

Forty patients will participate in the trial and will be give curcumin pills for seven days before starting their chemotherapy treatment.

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