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Former Ghana President Rawlings Lectures African Leaders

Former Ghana President John Rawlings has been scheduled to give a lecture today on governance to leaders in a workshop series in Tanzania.

The workshop, “Government and Opposition,” is part of a three-day forum hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

The forum has brought together government leaders from opposing and governing parties in East Africa, as well as international organizations and other civil society organizations, to begin to work together more effectively.

The former president, who served as both the Ghanaian dictator and an elected president, is well-versed on issues of government opposition, as seen during his own tenure as president.

“He did it at a very young age of 52 so he’s been a good example for many African countries that you don’t have to be on the seat continually till you’re almost dying before you hand over. He did so, he handed over to the opposition, worked as somebody who has founded a political party and got that party back to party again,” said Kofi Adams, spokesperson for the Rawlingses in an interview with Citi News.

As a military leader and democratic president, Rawlings serves as a great example on issues the Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association are trying to solve.

“These are the things he’s going to share with them, what they can do as opposition, be a responsible opposition and what you can do also in government and be a responsible government so that the two can co-exist,” said Adams.

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