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Brian McKnight Releases Comical Video for His Controversial Song

Brian McKnight has settled the question of whether his controversial song, “How Your P*ssy Works,” is real or joke by creating a video that leaves no doubt about his intent: bigtime joke.

After the song created a wave of condemnation, with even many of McKnight’s longtime fans wondering why he would even jokingly make such a vulgar song, his video shows McKnight in the role of a professor, instructing a class of women on how their female anatomy operates.

In the video, McKnight shrinks himself, dons what looks like a spacesuit and hops into a spaceship in the shape of a dildo, which he uses to ride up inside of a woman laying on a medical examination table.

After the video premiered, McKnight posted on Twitter, “I just saw the video at now is there anyone who still believes that this is my new direction. Sheesh!!!!”

Take a look for yourself, courtesy of the well-known jokester’s at

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