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Tamar Braxton Instigates Twitter Beef With Jill Scott

Tamar Braxton’s feeling was bruised when singer Jill Scott tweeted to her followers to watch Mary Mary’s reality show (with the same name) on WE television, the same network that airs Braxton Family Values.

“Please watch Mary Mary on WE tv. Finally a real representation. Yay!!!!!”

While the tweet seems like a fan rooting for the gospel duo’s reality show, the tweet somehow came across as a diss to the youngest Braxton sister.

And as if the confusion wasn’t out of hand enough, Towanda Braxton jumped in:

The “He Loves Me” singer seemed caught off guard with the snarky remarks until a fan explained why how she got involved in a Twitter beef.

Jill Scott ‏ @missjillscott

@chinatay05 huh? Ok grow all the way up people. Just because I love oranges doesn’t mean I HATE apples.

Well, we all have seen how Tamar can be uber sensitive, so do you think Jill was throwing shade or did Tamar take the tweet the wrong way?


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8 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Instigates Twitter Beef With Jill Scott

  1. nJ says:

    Jill was throwing SHADE. And her subtweet caught up with her. Tamar wasn’t instigating anything. She barely said anything. The fans on both sides got involved and that’s when it became a war. The whole thing was instigated by Jill’s shady tweet. The end.

  2. Brenda says:

    Really? I think NOT! Jill is a grown woman and doesn’t need to beat around the bush and pretend to not be saying what you think she is saying, she’ll just come right out and say it, don’t you think? It’s a shame that people go LOOKING for a beef instead of just taking the higher road and AVOIDING STUPIDITY! How in the world does supporting or giving a shout out to people you support turn into a diss. By all means necessary The Braxtons AINT ALL THAT! They are a bunch of confused, plastic surgery cremated faces that are looking for 15 minutes of fame and their time was up waaaaaaaaaaaay back when. Toni is the only one with a name for herself and even that has faded! Jill is very out spoken and I don’t think she made a comment just so people would have to read between the lines, she says what she means because she can back it up, she’s a big girl and carries her weight well! The Braxtons just want a beef to be started just so that that foodstamp reality show can get ratings, they won’t make another season!

  3. I think it was a misunderstanding…..

  4. Kim Ouiser says:

    Exactly! Grow up!

  5. Ghaimah Mahasin Walls says:

    When you say "A real representation" you are implying something. What I dont know

  6. get your life tamar!

  7. Korlu Ezike says:

    Very disappointed in Tamar and Towanda…this is so beyond petty of you. Love the show BFV…ADORE JILL…a grown woman who says it like it is!

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