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Midnight at the Oasis Called Sedona

There’s something mystical about the energy and air surrounding Sedona, AZ. It touches you on an emotive, subconscious level just being in its vicinity. The soaring read rocks and majestic scenery is transformational in itself. Add to that the gentle flowing streams and Native American tradition of respect for this area and you have all the makings of genuine spiritual encounter with yourself. And, while that may be enough for the spiritualists amongst us, that’s not all that Sedona has to offer.

For the sensualist, all this gorgeous natural scenery is the perfect backdrop for relaxing at one of the many top-calibre resorts and spas nestled among the red hills. Imagine a day of lounging poolside and in hot tubs; then enjoying traditional ayurvedic treatments and massage, reflexology; then capping it all off with a sultry evening of fine wine and sumptuous meals and plenty of spirits of the distilled kind.

So go to Sedona for spiritual reflection or go for sensual pleasure but honestly, I think you already know, you will probably want to go for both.

Sedona is located about two-hour scenic drive northwest of Phoenix in the high desert region of Arizona. Sedona has more than 100 lodging properties with 14 of them having earned AAA 4-Diamond ratings. Lodging options include luxury resorts, hotels and motels, as well as, bed & breakfasts and cabins.

Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

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