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Black and Blonde: Scientists Uncover Blonde Gene in Solomon Islands

Scientists have finally figured out how some of the dark-skinned inhabitants of the Solomon Islands have naturally blonde hair.  Researchers used to believe the blonde hair came from interaction with European people, however, a group from Stanford has detected a genetic difference in the blondes.  They swabbed the cheeks of 85 people, 43 with blonde hair, to compare their DNA to that of people with darker hair and found a chromosomal difference caused the blonde hair. The researcher identified a change in the gene TYRP1, which affects pigment in humans and mice, as the cause.

The scientists consider the effect to be very unique. “The mutation is at a frequency of 26 percent in the Solomon Islands, is absent outside of Oceania, represents a strong common genetic effect on a complex human phenotype, and highlights the importance of examining genetic associations worldwide,” said the abstract of the report.

The team was stunned by their findings. “They have this very dark skin and bright blond hair. It was mind-blowing,” Sean Myles, one of the researchers, told the Daily Mail. “As a geneticist on the beach watching the kids playing, you count up the frequency of kids with blond hair, and say, ‘Wow, it’s 5 to 10 percent’.”

Eimear Kenny, co-author of the study, has similar feelings. “‘Within a week we had our initial result. It was such a striking signal pointing to a single gene — a result you could hang your hat on,” he said. “That rarely happens in science.”


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277 thoughts on “Black and Blonde: Scientists Uncover Blonde Gene in Solomon Islands

  1. Kat Kazim says:


  2. Fiona McKean says:

    Duh! Obviously none of the original researchers had been to central Australia.

  3. They r adolf hilter babies!

  4. Wait that could be a picture of bill Cliton when he was a kid!

  5. When this article runs on the internet, it is run amongst "Stars" who have bleached their hair. Are you all trying to message something? The earth was never isolated on the text books that try to prove and disprove who anybody is. If you are keeping to science, then go with it, but if this is a subtle form of "hate my skin and hair" to prove we are something else, then shame on you. What about hair being red-headed, and the many textures. You probably wouldn't dare post about the blue eyed black babies, but if you are posting for the sake of will. I hope you do.

  6. Shut up you little cretan

  7. Kahari Kyles says:

    How ironic! I was just telling people that I thought that having blonde hair for African American people was genetically incorrect. Now scientist has found a gene that collides with people of color. Interesting…

  8. MizzOmg Savage says:


  9. MizzOmg Savage says:

    AFRICA..NO AUSTRALIA .. THEY HAVE IT TOO Black adapt no matter where u take us

  10. MizzOmg Savage says:

    I said the same thing beyonce and ohter want to be white but if they knew any better the blonde Gene is black .. silly ass fool .. tryna be white wen BLACK SHOULD BE IN PRIDE AND STRIDE JUST LOST LIKE A MFKA

  11. MizzOmg Savage says:


  12. MizzOmg Savage says:


  13. Why do these things continue to be a surprise? Black people were first. The most ancient artifacts discovered are always representations of Black people on every continent, all over the Earth. Scientists say "life began in Africa" (which is meant to imply that Blacks are ONLY Africans) but still bears witness to the basic truth of who the original man is. All genes exist within us since all people came from us. The traits we consider Black are dominant and others like blonde hair or light eyes are recessive. When two people who outwardly manifest the dominant traits but also carry similar recessive traits mate, there is a possibility that their children will outwardly manifest the recessive trait. And if they keep doing that over time, you end up with 25% of the people of the Solomon Islands being blonde…

  14. Well I love my people, but there are those of us who needs one good pop over the head to get strait.

  15. Jasmine LuckyDragon Tirado says:

    MizzOmg Savage your reply makes no sense and is irrelevant to what she said. You look stupid now

  16. Jasmine LuckyDragon Tirado says:

    Who gives a fuck

  17. the blonde gene in blacks and the one in whites are different according to the scientists….

  18. My concern is when this link is run, the frequency and association of the link. As long as it is posted because of study and not the campaign to deny heritage, then I say go with it. We come all kinds of textures and shades, but we remain undeniably "Black".

  19. Bill Henske says:

    You know the Solomon Islands are in Oceania?

  20. Jasmine you're killing me stop it! LMAO

  21. MizzOmg Savage The blond gene is BLACK? bitch you are crazy as hell.

  22. Black people WERE NOT FIRST and just because 'some' people believe life began in africa, you have NO IDEA what color they were. Why are the soles of the feet and palms of the hands WHITE on blacks? Because they were originally WHITE that's why. ALSO for example BLUE EYES WERE A MUTATION FROM 6,000 years ago, black people don't carry the blue eye genes. BOTH parents must have the gene, from a white ancestor, before any child can be born with blue eyes.
    DID YOU KNOW ALL WHITE BABIES ARE BORN WITH BLUE EYES? Even if later the eyes are brown? Not so for blacks.

    BESIDES, THE 'OUT OF AFRICA THEORY' HAS BEEN DISPROVEN 100% if you kept up with science news you'd know that.

    PAPUANS (including Solomon Islands) have HUGE levels of genomes from Neanderthal and Denisovan, early hominids who are not considered 'human' WHILE AFRICANS HAVE ZERO genomes from either. ~90-95 percent of HLA Class I alleles in Papuans derive from Denisovans.

    Whites and Asians also carry the genomes, but to a lesser extent. THAT explains the unusual physical appearance of the Solomon Islanders AND all PAPUANS. Scientists made a face from the skull of a Denisovan and the result looked identical to a Papuan New Guineaian.

    The missing link 'LUCY' from the Australopithecus Afarensis species around 3 million years old, believed to be OUR missing link (and therefore leading to the conclusion that all life originated THERE FIRST or that all evolution of this hominid happened in Africa and then suddenly a bunch of blacks walked out & populated the earth with insanely different races in such a short period of time? YEAH RIGHT)

    While ALL our tiny, millions of years ago ancestors might have been in Africa prior to this AUSTRALOPITHECUS (maybe NOT)
    they were in fact NOT HUMAN yet, and SEVERAL evolutionary standards AWAY from BEING HUMAN. They were already all over Europe AND Asia, not just Africa.

    WHILE Whites and Asians have Neanderthal and Denisovan genes while AFRICANS DO NOT; and before you make fun of Neanderthal, they thrived for 250,000 years all across Europe and Asia, and the interbreeding of humans with neanderthals seems to be around the time that humans started to develop more quickly. Neanderthals were artists and musicians, excellent craftsmen and exceptionally strong. They also had red and fair hair, freckles & green eyes.



    THESE SOLOMON ISLANDERS are not Africans and get their blonde haired genes from the DENISOVAN GENOME and the NEANDERTHAL genome, two inherited genes from now extinct hominids Neanderthals and Denisovans.


  24. MizzOmg Savage Well I can DEFINITELY see how YER the END considering all the crime and destruction you cause.

  25. You're such a liar and a lunatic. These people are not the descendants of slaves, and they are not African, they are pacific islanders who share the genetic diversity of Neanderthals and Denisovans, ancient now extinct hominids that lived in Europe and across asia. AFRICANS DON'T CARRY THOSE GENES.

    The only blonde AFRICANS either have ancestral white blood from traders (like in Ethiopia) OR are suffering from malnutrition that causes their hair to turn light. SORRY you are so misinformed, crazy, and also stupid.

  26. They just make this sht up according to their whims. It has no basis in fact.

  27. The original man did come from Africa. You make a good SOUNDING argument but I'm not inclined to follow your thinking without having at least investigated the truth behind that agglomeration of multisyllabic paleontoligical vocabulary words which come from nowhere when you take into consideration what paleontologists have been telling us for the past 20 or 30 years. The original man came from Africa. And people from Africa are black.

  28. @Nasira thnk you for answering Rebecca. I jjust couldn't believe this child's thought process. anyway…thank you. Personally and this is not researched I have always said the 'White Race' we apart of the 1/3 angels kicked out of heaven manifested into the causasoid as we know them today…I know that's far fetched, but they are so hateful and violent I felt they must be devils. and i'm not saying that to be mean, I just believe that in my heart.

  29. Anonymous says:

    They are not considered black in the way that you are thinking. When people say black, they are referring to Africans. They may have darker skin, but just because one has darker skin doesn't automatically mean one is black. Skin pigmentation isn't a race definer. There are more factors to it. This article is about an indigenous people who have darker skin. There are different shades of skin color found amongst all ethnic groups. This article has nothing to do with black people. These people are pacific islanders and closer to Asian descent than African; therefore this article has nothing to do with Africans/African Americans. So please go take your friend MizzOMG Savage somewhere because she's arguing about something that is irrelevant to what this article is stating. She just sounds desperate to classify something as "one of her own" and, in turn, is making her come off as obnoxious and racially obsessed. It's not that serious. Like I said before, this article has nothing to do with Africans or African Americans.

  30. What a load. When people say someone is "Black", they are referring to skin color. Period, point blank. I have never seen anyone chart genetic markers and sequence DNA before calling anybody Black or White, its always a visual thing. What you are trying to do is divide the Original people and insinuate your (White) self into the Human family in a place you don't belong. Black, Brown and Yellow, we are all the same. The only difference between them and Africans proper is that these people have curly hair- like my children, most of the people in my family and many other BLACK people. You are the odd man out. And you are not only racially obsessed, you're also desperate.
    The Pacific Islanders were enslaved by Whites, just as their Black brethren all over the world were, despite all of this arguing you are doing here now trying to classify a people that never heard of your race until 500 years ago as your own. Your ancestors saw them as fit to enslave just like the Black and Brown peoples in Africa and the Americas for all of the same justifications. You were strangers to ALL of these people as recently as FIVE CENTURIES ago!!! They found you strange and alien and had never seen your kind before, like I said before.

  31. I have heard that before. There are many theories that try to explain why Whites are the way they are because its something that occurs to anyone with a brain once we start to learn a little bit of history or get old enough to really start to see what is happening in the world around us. I hate the way the White race moves as a massive but I have individual White people I'm cool with and like very much. With regards to them being devils as related to the bible, being given the power to rule over the Earth for 6,000 years, that does seem to be what is happening but I personally don't have a solid theory, I'm still observing.

  32. Anonymous says:

    That man, he's dead. The 'black race', it was made up by a white man. Embracing the Big Lie does NOT make you richer, it makes you poorer. Embracing stupid doesn't make you blacker, it just makes you sad and pathetic. That goes for you, too, Rebecca Smith.

  33. Anonymous says:

    MizzOmg Savage Much like black Pharaoh hid the children of all of those white slaves who built his pyramids?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Rebecca Smith Shame on you. Gifts must be shared. Consider the alternatives, girl.

  35. Lucy Marianela says:

    MizzOmg Savage you idiot the people of the solomon islands weren't taken there.. they migrated when humanity started spreading and since humans came out of africa these are variations that happened with darker types first gene isolation and evolution etc play a role not "being taken anywhere" ugh the retardation …

  36. Lucy Marianela says:

    Rebecca Smith you havent seen my daughter she was born a platinum blonde with aqua eyes which are now greenish hazel… it is aboutthe DNA you carry and what you define as black.. black americans from here and south america due to admiture CARRY the dna to do this… my friend is biracial with blue eyes… not that serious… i dont usually reply inthese forums but the ridiculousness of your post forced m to do so…typical American,, yall want to run the world yet know jack shit about it.. go to latin america and places where black and white have intermingled for generations you will see everything under the sun.. and yes original people came from africa like it or not… you can see it in th remanants of their dna in the andaman islands of southern india the pacific islands , the philippines negrito people, PAPUA NEW GUINEA next to indonesia forthe geographically challenged…i can school you but my patience and time is limited with ppl like you… and i could give a fuck about typos my point is made.. whats sad is that ppl like you swear and act as if you have authority on everyone else's dn history eerything.. go read .. instead of being top poster on these pages…wack ass biiiiitch

  37. Lucy Marianela says:

    Rebecca Smith you havent seen my daughter she was born a platinum blonde with aqua eyes which are now greenish hazel… it is aboutthe DNA you carry and what you define as black.. black americans from here and south america due to admiture CARRY the dna to do this… my friend is biracial with blue eyes… not that serious… i dont usually reply inthese forums but the ridiculousness of your post forced m to do so…typical American,, yall want to run the world yet know jack shit about it.. go to latin america and places where black and white have intermingled for generations you will see everything under the sun.. and yes original people came from africa like it or not… you can see it in th remanants of their dna in the andaman islands of southern india the pacific islands , the philippines negrito people, PAPUA NEW GUINEA next to indonesia forthe geographically challenged…i can school you but my patience and time is limited with ppl like you… and i could give a fuck about typos my point is made.. whats sad is that ppl like you swear and act as if you have authority on everyone else's dn history eerything.. go read .. instead of being top poster on these pages…wack ass biiiiitch

  38. Crystal Perry says:

    I <3 u, Nasira 🙂

  39. Tonya Ellis says:

    Rebecca Smith –

    Hi Folks-

    I Just wanted to point out something Rebecca Smith seems to want to overlook- Just like the scientest who so called "discovered" this blonde gene variation? Be upset if you like- The reason the "Out of Africa" premise is fact (and it is). Is because Dominate genes give birth to all others… You can waste your time looking at gene sequences & matching them up? But what ever skin shade the first man was? He definitely was not white? As the particulars of the very light skin tones would never hold up in hot climates in the world. The majority of lighter skin tones come from colder climates.
    Generally speaking- Life springs from heat. White (as in lacking in pigment) Can't give birth to a person of color. This is a genetic fact. As for the hair obssession that people use to define "african-ness"? You don't have to be mixed to get variations of hair (or even afro hair- Because not all afro hair is the same texture& type). That's fine that they call that Asian dna marker "asian".But the reality is- it sits in East Africa naturally. Have you ever seen Somolians that have curly hair? They are not mixed. That "asian" dna marker left East Africa to populate the world along with the "african" dna marker. European dna is a combonation of east african/asian- minus the pigment.
    Since most "western" race conciouse types seem to be really aware of what is so called African & whats not? Did they miss the story on the Nigirian couple who gave birth to the Blonde/Blue eyed/Curly haired baby in 2010 in London? Go ahead and Google it? They are Nigirian & are not remotely mixed. Rebecca- Since your so smart- I am sure you know also that physically- Half of the Pacific Islands (as you head down to Australia where these Solomon Island types are)? One half of those islands are "afro" types. The other half is "asiatic" types that both left Africa over 40,000 years ago. As for skin tone varriations in any group? All dark people of any background can give birth to lighter skin varriations without being mixed. Frankly, I think most of these so called scientist types know this. Because I certainly don't have a degree in science & I figured this out.
    But than- We after all still live in a Eurocentric universe presently. Even though most of the world population is of color.That is a fact. A fact that many who are not of color obviously feel insecure about. And even 500 years of European dominance is not enough to change the reality that whiteness is a recessive trait that has never been reflective of the total world populace. I certainly don't mean any harm to anyone though… Frankly, I am just really big on truth. Which is hard to find in a world of constant propaganda about the concept of "race". And belive me- race is just that a "concept". Unfortunately a stupid concept that people won't let go of. It was invented in Germany- Sometime in the 1800"s I believe.
    Why wouldn't the people in the Solomon Islands have a blonde gene? It's sunny there. Many dna markers develope in relation to climate. The sun often makes hair lighter- even on many Africans. You can often see the trait for albinos in Africa in the offsprings parents? One of the parents will often have a natural blonde afro. Granted on average many people (including Black people) often have great disdain for afro hair? But it still doesn't change the fact that afro hair is an excellent conductor of heat. It gets heat off the head faster- So as to keep the vessel (person) cooler & helps avoid fainting from over heating.

  40. Rene Jackson Jenkins says:

    I am native of Birmingham , Alabama and both of parents are black but me and my four sisters have natural blonde hair…So what tyoe gene or chromosomal difference is this?

  41. Felix Scott says:

    This study is not conclusive. It does not answer the question once and for all. More studies are needed before we have a definitive answer.

  42. Wow…when will U all leave us be…..we are the way we are because God says so… Sorry to inform u Africans were first in Aussy until the Europeans showed up by boat and took their land like they did eveyone else… and the surviving Africans went into hiding…. Until they were able to walk free again…..

  43. Anonymous says:

    Realistically I always thought the blonde color had to do with the sun and its affect on the skin and hair over time. I'm glad I read this article and checked out the photo you posted.

  44. India Wilson says:

    This is quite silly. I have plenty of relatives, fully black, with either blonde or red hair. My great granny had red hair. So, to hear about Solomon Island, Australia…hell, right here in Midwest Ohio, Georgia and St. Louis. Descendents of the Barnett family.

  45. Rebecca Smith yes they were honey…i know its hard to believe but its true!

  46. Catz Way says:

    Rebecca is an idiot

  47. Devora Davis says:

    Yeah right…..It is a chromosome gene passed sexually from human to human. Maybe Christopher Columbus and his crusaders had the XY effect. Acceptance of humanity is truly powerful. Maybe the scientis
    would discover a whitology and a blackology just like Egyptology and mythology.
    Acceptance of who we are does not mean does not mean destroying humanity.

  48. You have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Rebecca Smith : can't handle the truth, Smith?

  50. As we can see there are at least three distinctive reactions to this article. It is sad that in 2012, there appears to be no more concrete universal knowledge then befor the internet. It is as it has been a game of who is the fittest in nature and what dinates the measure of the ruling demographic. You cannot change a made up mind unless you speak the language of the ruling demographic and imflience the words used to control perception. Class, color, creed, gender. The bravest thing we can do as human beimgs is to recognize the power play for what it is and see the template used to power down every class, color, creed, and gender. Those whole are hell bent for the sake of positioning themselves in an order are the first to die off. Why? Nature. Be your best self and keep a clear head. We are so many years on the earth and fail to see the pattern. Wake up already. Wake up. Not for the survival of the species, for the sake of recorded dignity.

  51. Ken Taharka says:

    in others words plain and simple when the history of the oppressed is written by the oppressers, expect much fabrication and distortion

  52. My child has blonde hair.This is interesting research.

  53. My child has blonde hair.This is interesting research.

  54. It's what we do as humans, c'est vrai.

  55. Rebecca Smith life did originate with the africa, get over it, scientific proof that all races can trace their roots to a female african, oh and it was she first not he.

  56. Theresa Campbell says:


  57. Leo Zimmie says:

    I stopped trying to figure out Gods work. I just appreciate His marvels.

  58. This genetic discovery isn't news at all. There was a documentary done almost 20 years ago with the Malaysians and the blonde haired children. Blonde hair isn't uncommon with black skin, in fact any continent, country or island that researchers would like to go & study, I guarantee their findings will reveal "black skin & blonde hair!"

  59. Rose Horsey says:

    Rebecca Smith Most white people can not stand the truth and you are one of them. The people who believe the lie about black people are white. White cannot make black. The origninal Hebrews are black, God curse was to scattered them all over the world. That is why you have black people everywhere. Stop hating and except the truth.

  60. Rose Horsey says:

    Why do you have to call people names and get angry because of the truth. You are one who believe in white supremacy whiich is a lie.

  61. Rose Horsey says:

    drummingroad You must be white!!!

  62. Rebecca Smith The complete total disregard that whites have for other races is very sickening, disrespectful, and it stops today! Its enough your precious ancestors "white washed" most of the historical culture of the African ancestry but what you cant cover up is the truth…. You can discredit, you can remove the noses of ancient artifacts, you can falsify images of Jesus and God with blonde hair, blue eyes and pasty white skin, but as you see the truth will always come to light no matter how many times you click your diamond encrusted heels you cant cover up the fact that those diamonds came from the MOTHERLAND of Africa. Its where the garden of Eden resides… Its where life began. In the bible Jesus had "feet of brass, hair like wool" sounds like blacks existed from the beginning of time…. Whites aren't the only culture that can be naturally born with blonde hair and blue eyes…. You just have to accept and deal with the fact that you are not God, and as much as you've tried to own and control this planet you have absolutely no control over the natural occurrences in nature… no matter how many holocausts, blonde haired blue eyed colonies, periods of black african slavery you create. You people need to educate yourself on the truth and stop living with sick nasty white lie that has plagued the planed earth since the beginning of time.

  63. The complete total disregard that whites have for other races is very sickening, disrespectful, and it stops today! Its enough your precious ancestors "white washed" most of the historical culture of the African ancestry but what you cant cover up is the truth…. You can discredit, you can remove the noses of ancient artifacts, you can falsify images of Jesus and God with blonde hair, blue eyes and pasty white skin, but as you see the truth will always come to light no matter how many times you click your diamond encrusted heels you cant cover up the fact that those diamonds came from the MOTHERLAND of Africa. Its where the garden of Eden resides… Its where life began. In the bible Jesus had "feet of brass, hair like wool" sounds like blacks existed from the beginning of time…. Whites aren't the only culture that can be naturally born with blonde hair and blue eyes…. You just have to accept and deal with the fact that you are not God, and as much as you've tried to own and control this planet you have absolutely no control over the natural occurrences in nature… no matter how many holocausts, blonde haired blue eyed colonies, periods of black african slavery you create. You people need to educate yourself on the truth and stop living with sick nasty white lie that has plagued the planed earth since the beginning of time.

  64. Ken Taharka Hello Ken. I like your take on this one!!!!

  65. LaCec Sainti says:

    "The blonde gene is black" Ha ha ? Now, really, those racists in the 18th century didn't know how far their theory would take humans. They created it to subjugate Africans in particular into thinking they were "black", and damn, it worked so well it is really crazy.
    If you take a look at the pic and at every other dark-skinned person around you, you will notice everybody is brown-skinned, not black-skinned, with different and very varied levels of brown-ness to very dark like coffee.
    "Blackness", as well as "whitenes" (but notice there is no "redness" or "yellowness" because these were intelligent enough to ignore and reject the BS) are not about skin color "per se" but about classifying humans in simplistic and eventually horrifically efficient ways, since even the victims of the classification and hierarchisation almost "have to" claim it.
    To the point of saying that "the blonde gene is black". Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds ? (and is, scientifically speaking, in genetics, there are no black, or white, or yellow or red people)

  66. LaCec Sainti says:

    There are blond-haired Africans due to albinism and subsequent mixing with non-Albino. A lot of them in Cameroon, for instance.

  67. LaCec Sainti says:

    Hi Nasira,
    the problem here is that we are referring to people who lived thousands and millions of years ago when the concept still was millions of years from being invented BY EUROPEANS, who coined the words "whites", blacks", "red", "yellow" and others to designate, name, classify and hierarchize themselves and others.
    Using those labelings to apply to human history makes no sense.
    It makes sense only on a mythical level.
    The first human had no idea they were Africans (because Africa didn't exist), even less "blacks" because the concept is so late in human history (300 years compared to millions or hundreds of thousands).
    However, yes, our ancestor were born on that continent that is now called Africa, as far as we know. Who knows, we may discover it was somewhere else. And it doesn't matter. Unless we position ourselves within the theory of races. Which again, makes no sense.

  68. LaCec Sainti says:

    Aniebiet Edem Ekpo People from Africa are "black" according to race theoreticians from Europe in the 18th century. African never called themselves "black". Blackness is a European concept that Africans deported to the Americans were forced to adopt as it was indeed there legal definition inside the frame of the system of slavery that Europeans built. The Arabs may also have called have called Africans black, based on the Bible, but I am not familiar enough with that side of the deportation of Africans to go deeper.
    Again, blackness, like whiteness, are recent and Europeans concept that the original people (even of Europe) didn't have as their own before the Europeans decided it was so.
    Africans were probably dark-skinned, descriptively speaking, and that is basically all there is to it, you don't need to refer to "race" for that.

  69. LaCec Sainti says:

    Why do you call yourself Savage ?
    For sure you need to read some books… You're just talking total nonsense. Solomon in the Bible has nothing to do the Solomon Islands !!!!

    Do you realize that the "first man on earth" you are talking about was a very hairy creature who really didn't look like you ? (Well, I hope not for you).
    The first man or woman on earth was the ancestor of all humans. Not of "blacks", not of "whites", of everyone. Everyone. Evreything else is MYTH.

  70. LaCec Sainti says:

    Judging by your interest on your FB pages, you have NO idea what this article refers to !
    Please, take to reading and learning some stuff, it will do you and us good, you will stop spreading non-sense.

  71. LaCec Sainti says:

    The people who were in Australia before the Europans were not Africans, Gabrielle. They "look like" Africans mostly because they are dark-skinned, but they are related to Indonesians and Asians.
    Have you noticed that many Indians are darker that Africans ? That doesn't means they are Africans ! Most people on the planet are darkskinned anyway.
    Don't be fooled by the theory of races that makes you see "color" instead of the rest of what defines humans (like culture). The Australians' culture is very different from African cultures.

  72. LaCec Sainti says:

    Maybe it is simply because for good or bad reasons (…) there might have been Europeans in both side of your family, or there might have been albino people, back in Africa. There are people in Cameroon who have green and blue eyes and blond hair. And quite a few albino people in the same region.

    This might actually be how Europeans "appeared" with time: albino people from Africa migrating while mixing with dark-skinned Africans more and more to lead to light-skinned, blond-haired and with light-colored eyes…

    I don't enough about the complexities of genetics to be sure, but it doesn't sound stupid, right ? 😉

  73. LaCec Sainti says:

    Could we say "dark skin" and "light skin" so that we free ourselves from the idiotic race definition and keep things descriptive and logical ? (I'm not addressing just you, Sheila, it's just a general remark !)

  74. Ja'von Brown says:

    Rebecca Smith shut your stupid ass up. You're just another white supremacist here tryint to tell Black people how and what to think and what out history is. NO ONE disproved out of Africa and they never will factually because it can't be done. None of your white savior pseudo scholars will take Dr Leonard Jeffries, Dr Lenworth Gunther like they wouldn't dare challenge Drs John Henrik Clark or Cheikh Anta Diop. You're butt hurt over the truth we get it but your master race theory has been floored more times than I can count.

  75. Ja'von Brown says:

    It's safe to say the master race has a good pet in jasmine tirado

  76. Hi Lacec,

    Regardless of the etymological orgin of the word, when I say that I'm Black (in my Styles P voice) (… you know exactly what I mean. Its become cemented enough through the vernacular that its a valid descriptor, because it automatically brings up a visual and allows you to understand what the person using that word means. Countless words we use today do not mean what they meant 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 years ago. As a matter of trivia, its interesting to know the old meaning but for the purpose of communicating, unless you don't care whether the person you are speaking to understands you or not, the valid usage of a word is the common one.

    In the context of this article and these Pacific Islanders, I posted a link above with some archival photos of what the people of those Islands looked like circa 1937. I'm speaking of these people in relatively modern terms. I'm sure since the Japanese incursions into the Pacific and the US bombing of the Pacific Islands in their war with the Japanese and the subsequent occupation, unless there is a particularly insular culture in the Solomon Islands, miscegenation has produced lighter and lighter generations but these people are Black.

    All of this shying away from the obvious, i.e. there are different races, is destructive and counterproductive. And it doesn't fool anyone. Your own two eyes tell you we are NOT all the same and anytime you go against your five senses in favor of a longwinded "explanation", you're acting senselessly. By not addressing the obvious, you leave room for lies, confusion and misunderstanding, right or wrong? Shying away from race doesn't produce a more equal society, all it does it allow people who are smarter than that to teach their version of race thru media. I don't get into the whole what happened a million zillion jillion years ago thing because its absolutely pointless. The whole archaeological paradigm most people have accepted was developed by "scholars" with an agenda and used to control history. We will never definitively know the truth. What we can do though, is use our eyes to see, and consider the fact that all over the world, the ancient artifacts show people who were Black.

  77. I think that we are ALL too eager to make this discussion about RACE (which is in and of itself the perpetuation of an ARTIFICIAL construct). The Human Genum Project has taught us A LOT about ourselves and our ancestral lineages as a SPECIES. There is MUCH that has influenced the evolution of the "human"…not the least of which have been adaptations due to geographical circumstances, ice-ages, interactions with proto-humanoid species, and our OWN social behaviors with and toward one another. One thing that we should ALWAYS keep in mind…is that there is VERY LITTLE genetic distinction between one human being and another…and although it is important to understand how our respective cultural heritages continue to "color" the lenses through which we view one another (and the world around us), the fact is that the evolution of the human species is not a "fixed point" in historical perspective…but is a continuous and ON-GOING PROCESS!! I am excited to see what our human potential will reveal…once we are able (as a species) to move past our own short-sightedness and fear.

  78. These scientists needs to give it up it is what is like it or not. Well here another proof for you all ok.There 's nothing you can do about it.It begins in Africa hahaha…

  79. LaCec Sainti says:

    Nasira, I understand what you're saying, but I don't really agree. I think that racist terms are racist term and were intented so. You know as well as and probably more than I do that the belief in race and its oppressive correlation is not over… I believe that we need to get rid of the poison of race by attacking its roots and its roots are the words it instilled in humanity's subconscious. When we say "white", "black", we first separate. That is what was intended and it is wrong. That is why I don't think there can't be anything positive in using these words. And I will continue to try and explain why by actually studying them. Peace.

  80. Sandra Davis says:

    Nothing new in my family I had that color hair when I was a little girl it just gotten darker as grew older even my little sister had this color hair some people in my family were born with red hair also. I also have other family mimbers that was born blonde hair. and they are also black.

  81. Sandra Davis says:

    Rebecca Smith Black people were here first Africa has the oldest bones known to man. the first humans came from africa 165.000 years ago. the oldest found bones of white people were found 34,000 years ago in the FaHien caves in western sri Lanka.

  82. Sandra Davis says:

    Rebecca Smith OH YEA DID I MAKE MY POINT!!!!!

  83. LaCec Sainti says:

    Sandra, that just depends on what your definition of "Black people"… Europeans (my ancestors) screwed all of our minds up with their races. Everybody's mind. I'm telling you. It's a mess. Africans or Islanders never defined themselves that way and now their descendents from America (the US) are telling them "what" they "are" based on definitions invented by Europeans. How screwed up can thi all be… Race is a belief, not a fact.

  84. Nancy Nicola says:

    what are u on about? as a christian-i believe the first people were of the middle east, as the bible states, the first people were of a middle eastern descent and colour, much like jews/arabs. There is no evidence to say black people came first-in fact, chinese civilisation has been found to be much older-as are naitive indian civlisations-where is your scientfific evidence? i come from a religious perpective, the garden of eden has been proven to be in the areas of Iran/Iraq-not africa. Regardless-if you are not religious-you would believe in neanderthal man-supposed scientifically proven ancestors of all humans-and they werent black either. Simple fact is-Nobody knows, so keep your offensive neo political statements to yourself-saying stuff like this does not make you more superior-as that is what you are trying to do-in fact there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to any bodys statements here-if i was to go by relics, and statues, archeological facts found well they all depict either greek/arabs/ or chinese-nothing about black people though-and black people seem like a newer people, god bless all humans

  85. Nancy Nicola says:

    are u stupid gabrielle? The aborigines in Australia are of a completely different race to Africans. They are not black africans, they are aborigine. I suggest you go do some research

  86. Nancy Nicola says:

    it does sound very stupid, In that case there wouldnt be nordic countries such as Norway ect with a very white haired light eyes and very pale skinned complexions-where the vikings came from. Also, the reason why -and almost every body neglected this fact on here, was temperature. Nordics/scandinavians have light features as for most of the year their daytime hours are actually night, it gets dark around 1pm, and stays nightime until the following morning-thats why they have blonde hair-not because albino blacks created them. If you put a prisoner in solitary and never allow him to see sunlight his hair will turn white. Fact. Black people are dark because eons ago Africa was much much much hotter than it is now and black skin evolved as protection from the harsh elements of the sun-and wide nostrils because of the severe endurance suffered over long distances in the heat/hunting ect. The same for indians with their dark skin.

  87. LaCec Sainti who gives a fuck and you are 2 weeks to late. No one is darker than African people unless you have been there to all countries of Africa and not just some. Still trying to take from BLACK are you. Real black that is. just in case you are one of those sell out type of people. Address your friends by name.

  88. Nancy Nicola no but I think you are Ms Im a drugs worker. Check yourself and buy a decent bra. R U black. I only speak to blacks when it comes to situations as such because other races tend to feel offended for some strange reason even when I do not comment about "you people".

  89. LaCec Sainti says:

    The Bible is not science, Nancy.

    Beliefs are not facts.

    Fact is, the oldest known human (early human, not "African", as Africa is a recent construct of humanity) appeared on the continent that is now Africa.

    Of course there is scientific evidence but you haven't read it as you are too busy reading the Bible, which again, is not science but stories that give a "certain" explanation of events.

    Thing are not "supposed scientifcally proven". they ARE scientifically proven science having this particularity over religion that it can be proven wrong when new research shows new finding. Whereas religion states it HAS THE TRUTH.

    Don't mix both with your twisted rethoric that just states nonsensical legends.

  90. LaCec Sainti says:

    I think it's worse Jhanasia. They actually invented other races. Classified people according to their own criteria. Problem is, now you yourself are using their "lens" to view things: "The complete total disregard that whites have for other races".
    You are talking as if their invention (races) was valid !
    Their invention was powerful for sure.

  91. LaCec Sainti says:

    Gabrielle Langford I have been to several countries in Africa. You just DO NOT know what you are talking about and you didn't read what I wrote.

  92. I usually don't throw this word around much but Girl what you just said was some ignorant ass shit! Even the Bible describes people of 'mud' color with charcoal eyes….and if I'm not mistaken no ONE person today knows the true colors of the people. Shit if you want to get technical we all came from 'WHITE' semen which morphed us into 'PINK' offspring and out came ALL the colors of the rainbow. What you just stated were sad IGNORANT facts. I believe you need to open your mind more to other possibilities while eating a bag of Skittles……..#TASTETHERAINBOW

  93. Rebecca Smith lol but its funny how you cant see all the crime and desctructions you have caused FIRST…. wow.. i think you need to quit it with the googling information at the drop of a dime to support you statements.. nobody here believes you no matter what you no matter how much science you can conjure up in ur cauldren.. lol

  94. You look crazy and all of your fB friends look crazy too.. lololol.. and whats with the blood and gore on your cover? are you in love with with death? hate to say it but you look really pathetic trying to argue with ppl who are never going to see your point..

  95. Exactly! My little sister has pure, obviously brown hair. I have cousins with red hair and very coarse blonde hair.My husband and youngest daughter have blonde hairs at their temples and on their arms. Its simple genetics. All of these possibilities exist because we have both dominant and recessive genes and all of the possible combinations in between to transmit.

  96. That is why I disagree with the stress people put on making Black = African. Most Black people have had the experience of being shocked as heck to find out its black people somewhere on the planet like Russia or that there are Black Eskimoes, native to the coldest places on Earth, for example. But, shocking as it is, we know that's one of us by their features- by their lips, by their nose, by their color, by their face. We can look with our own two eyes and see that's a Black person. Blackness is Universal, Africa is a limited landmass. By acting as though the people of Africa are all Black people have (and they are all savage, backward, unable to govern themselves, given to corruption and brutality, with no other history than what began with colonization or slavery), the Eurocentrist/ white supremacists isolate us not only from others but also ourselves. There's a reason Charleston Heston was cast as Pharaoh and Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. The push to steal our history, to impersonate us throughout time is real because it establishes a psychological basis for White Supremacy. Its easy to keep people down who believe they've always been down and we're meant to stay down. When we forego that common sense definition of who we are as Black people for whatever longwinded, complex and self-conscious other one, we separate ourselves from our history and without knowing your history you can't learn from it and are doomed to repeat it.

  97. LaCec Sainti says:

    Nasira, the ones who invented the word "black" to describe others are Europeans (while they were inventing themselves as "whites") and they used it specifically for Africans. It would be a very bad idea to act as if THEY hadn't done it. They are the creators of the attempt at separating humans on a basis that has nothing to do with actual facts. I don't think Eskimoes consider themselves as the same "people" as other dark-skinned people (to take your example) or as "black". They may in the frame of the antagonism with "whites", this is maybe what you mean.
    However, saying what you're saying here, that is, imposing that thought on them, would be acting with a similar supremacist/centrist attitude as the "white" one, which consist in defining, naming and imposing an identity on others. That's what racism consists in. I think we need to leave that ideology if we want to go somewhere because it is a trap.
    As for the rest of what you're saying, it is unfortunately true.

  98. LaCec Sainti says:

    Now Nasira I hadn't seen that: "I have never seen anyone chart genetic markers and sequence DNA before calling anybody Black or White, its always a visual thing. What you are trying to do is divide the Original people and insinuate your (White) self into the Human family in a place you don't belong. Black, Brown and Yellow, we are all the same."

    How more racist (in the sense that you buy the theory of racism as if it were the ultimate truth) can a talk be !
    You are referring to what Europeans invented out of the blue (or rather out of the dark of some of their members' sick minds) and use it as a basis to dare imply that "whites" are some kind of separate species ! This is exactly what the racists wanted, and you buy it as an ultimate truth.

    "insinuate your (White) self into the Human family in a place you don't belong" ! Now that is sick ! Outright sick. You fell in the trap big time. That is pure racism. You can say whatever you want, it is religion and myth.

  99. LaCec Sainti says:

    Nasira Miller Plus, you totally obliterate the millenaries-long links between the Mediterranean and Africa: "You were strangers to ALL of these people as recently as FIVE CENTURIES ago!!! They found you strange and alien and had never seen your kind before"

    Where the heck are you talking about ? Is it your own invention ?
    There are entire books by the great Afro-centrist IVan Van Sertima specifically on the links between the north and the south and the presence of Africans in Europe for ever !!! That is what racists want us to forget !
    Humanity is one. Racism was an attempt to part it.

  100. LaCec Sainti says:

    If Africa was much hotter than it is now, then it would have been uninhabitable. Have you ever been to the Sahel region ? Have you been to places like Niger and the Sudan. They cook stuff directly in the sand. More than that, you die.

  101. Blonde? It takes a blonde reporter to make a freshman flub such as "very unique". It's "unique" or it ain't, no "very" , no "slightly", or anything in-between, it's just "unique".

  102. Brittany Jackson says:

    Rebecca Smith Well, you're just incorrect. None of that made sense. I'm black, I was born with grey eyes that darkened into hazel. My friend has a baby with blue eyes that are STILL blue. I've seen white babies that were born with dark eyes. Oh, and my aunt has red hair. So does her grand daughter. Genetics are genetics, and the genetic Eve came from East Africa. Maybe you should try a little harder to keep up with all that science your misunderstanding.

  103. Keith Ponder says:

    Rebecca Smith black people don't carry the blue eye genes ? Idiot girl. I have blue eyes, as do my sisters,my mother and as did her mother. The last time I went to get a drivers license, I marked 'blue' for the color of my eyes. The examiner changed it with looking at me and without my knowledge. He was corrected just as you're being corrected. Everybody on the planet, except you, knows that life began on the African continent.Rebecca, you know that you do have a choice in whether or not you want to behave like an idiot. Idiotic behavior transcends gender and color lines.

  104. you are delusional, and have ABSOLUTELY no scientific or historical facts to back up anything you stated. …uh!..unbelievable!…but pathetic one, believe what you wish…it means nothing.

  105. indigenous people from all over the world are called aboriginal…it just means the original people of that location. They could be European, African, Asian (as in China)….

  106. don't bother to address this Rebecca Smith person…she IS a neandrathal…a miserable racist not worthy of a response…

  107. Rebecca Smith Hey idiot…the original slaves were of 'slavic origin', as in Eastern European…look it up, if you can read…furthermore, oh feeble minded one, the only slaves out of Africa came from west coast Africa…majority were not enslaved. The last slaves I heard about were the Askenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, …oh about
    65-70 years ago in Germany…..

  108. Nasira Miller whats the big deal about blonde hair anyway?…
    I don't understand…really. step out of the box…

  109. LaCec Sainti says:

    Nasira, you are extremely misinformed (even though you're "black"). You say: "When people say someone is "Black", they are referring to skin color. Period, point blank."
    This proves you have NO idea what "race" is about. There are many books by anthropologists, ethnologists, geneticians, etc (among them "blacks" just in case) that deal with this topic and will explain to you the extreme complexity of "race". Do not rely on American visions of it because the US is the place where "race" is the most dichotomic, simplistic, and political.

    Just one example: is a person from India with a VERY dark skin (darker than most Africans) called "black" in the US ? No. Or by very very racist people. Unless that person has kinky hair, he or she will be referred to as "Asian" and will NOT refer to him/herself as "black" (unles she/he decides to do so) . So it's not skin color in this case taht counts, but African hair.

    Race is political, people designated by "race" are OBJECTS of the law. They are "whats" and not "whos". The law in the US used to (or maybe still does) define "blacks" as having hair through which a comb will hold. Even if that person was as light-skinned as a blond person.

    You know very well that there are "black" Americans who are as light-skinned as red-haired people. And that's not because they are albino, it's because they are "mixed" and "mixed" people in the US are defined as "black". It is so political tht Hispanics are separated into "black Hispanics" and "white Hispanics" by law as they arrive in the US. And probably think of it as a problem because that makes family members belong to "different races", as used to be the case in racist Apartheid South Africa for people classified as "coloureds" by LAW, not by nature….

  110. LaCec Sainti says:

    Kahari ,you made me laugh here ! What the heck is "genetically incorrect" ! Genes don't need us to act ! lol 😉


  112. Rebecca you really are sick, bottonline is all your years of gibberish spwing seperate evolutions doesn't change the fact we all have a common dna (which isn't possible in animal species), and our appearence was manipulated by the continental shell's environment we live on not the presence or absense of Neanderthal dna. Just admit that early Dutch/English/Spanish/French explorer's typically contaminated the DNA pools of native people around the world thru either slavery, war, religion, or some other form of conquest or your european gene doctorines wouldn't even be possible.

  113. Rebecca crime and destruction pre dates any colonization in North/South America,or Africa/Middle East for that matter. European history is ripe with social, and religious civil wars and uprisings ending with said refugees fleeing to the new world.

  114. Rebecca Smith by the way pacific islanders/eskimo/native american's/and south american's are originally of asia have no blonde hair/blue eyes/or inherited genes from now extinct hominids neanderthals and denisovans prior to european contact.

  115. Rebecca Smith also note prior to the acceptence of slavery in europe Africa was treated as a social and economic equals.

  116. Tory King says:

    my daughter has blonde hair…everyone asks if she is mixed race…NO! 100% African American! God does mysterious things….bump the scientist!

  117. Read "Sex and Race" by J.A.Rogers. There were 3 Volumes. He does an excellent job with histories and racial comparisons all over the globe. A very good read for anybody interested in Genetics.

  118. And all this time I thought that Melanin was the culprit.Being black skinned is not the problem. Otherwise tans would not be always in vogue. It's the" Condition" that has been put upon us because of being black skinned. That "Condition" of being declared as "Inferior" by the dominate culture to retain control of captives, both Native and Imports and therefore all the available resources.

  119. Dr Jeffries used terms like Sun people & Ice people and Cheikh Anta Diop proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Egyptians were black skinned people from all over the African continent.

  120. OMG, not the Crime and Destruction gene again. Run for cover!

  121. Isha Wicks says:

    Rebecca Smith, what your saying about black ppl being white because the plams of our hands and bottom of our feet are white is sooooo crazy. Your the one that needs to do some research before commenting on this subject. And one more thing and I know your going to hate it but it's true Yes Black ppl are the first. Again do your homework.

  122. My cousins had blond hair when they was babies, but the dad side and mom side had a lot of light skin cousins.

  123. you are an intelligent idiot

  124. Awele Nwajei says:

    Rebecca Smith I wish I could DISLIKE your comment you are 100% WRONG. "Why are the soles of the feet and palms of the hands WHITE on blacks? Because they were originally WHITE that's why." And that was hand's down the dumbest thing I have ever read in my life.

  125. Marijon Benedict says:

    Albinism is a distinct medical condition that doctors diagnose not by checking not the skin and hair color, but the a particular physical condition of the eyes. There are albinos with dark hair and dark eyes and albinos with olive skin. Having light or even extremely pale skin, hair and eyes is not related to albinism, which is a very real medical condition that is often mild but can have serious consequences for some people who are born with it. Unfortunately the belief among some that it is connected somehow with the white race can cause unnecessary problems for nonwhite kids who are born with it, some in the community thinking it casts doubt on their true parentage, etc.

  126. Marijon Benedict says:

    LaCec Sainti Thank you…if I am never called "white" again it will be too soon. I'd like to be called beige (I'm really not kidding, I would) but that probably won't catch on…

  127. Marijon Benedict says:

    Wake me when Rebecca Smith is done…

  128. Christopher Drakeford says:

    Civilization started in Mesopotamia but all of those people were black of many shades of it.the Biblical Jews are black.people call the Biblical Jews African Americans

  129. Christopher Drakeford says:

    @ Rebecca.white people come from black people.albinos and leprosy is where white people come from.your people come from the Caucasus's where the name Caucasian came people of different nationalities,original Persians,Babylonian,Egyptian,Jew were and are black.white people have a recessive trait.

  130. Christopher Drakeford says:

    Hey Rebecca give back our black name.Rebecca is Hebrew.and the Hebrews are the so called African Americans.ribqah is how it's said in Hebrew.if you give us back our name.we'll give back all the slave names that was put on our forefathers

  131. Christopher Drakeford says:

    In the year 70 a.d. slave trade black people fled out of Israel into west Africa.1600 years later from that time.they brought us into the Americas.our northern cousins was taken into captivity before us by a black people called the Assyrian empire long before the Romans put us to flight

  132. Carol Carlos says:

    that's right!!!!!!!!

  133. Carol Carlos says:

    that's right!!!!!!!!

  134. Christopher Drakeford says:

    Those fake Jews in Israel today(imposters)are from the khazar empire out of Turkey.they're called askenazis.they're lineage didn't start with father Abraham.theirs started in Turkey
    I know those who say that they are Jews and are not.they are the synagogue of Satan(fake white Jews).when I tell people that I am a yehudi(Jew).they say Hmm.that's funny.I've never seen a black Jew before.I say that's funny.I've never seen a white one.

  135. Jason C Jason says:

    @LaCec Sainti..Actually you are wrong, many Indonesians do have African in them. I have a cousin who is aborigine. She and my Aunt had a DNA test to trace back their actual roots and my cousin's mix is of "Indonesian and Mali". It gets more interesting, her mother's DNA is Indonesian, Maili and Egyptian. It is very ignorant to say any race doesn't have African in them because it's a lie. We all originated from motherland "Africa" anyways. Even I have African in me and I'm from Serbia. What are you talking about? LMAO

  136. Carol Myers says:

    This research just shows we are all children of higher power. Weather we believe it or not we are all family and its sad that we can't accept ourselves. My daughter has blonde hair and green eyes both parents are black. So get over the surprise and realize we are all one people.

  137. Some of the comments speak volume and others speak racism, I know one thing and that is "We All Have the Same CREATOR" the bible will tell us everything we are dying to know. No colors involved just religion.

  138. Maya Pearce says:

    Rebecca Smith babe lets keep our onesided uneducated mouths shut …

  139. Carol Myers says:

    Wrong, blue eyes, green eyes children. Sorry to damage your facts. Although maybe you can say it's a one in a million chances or maybe two in a billion. 2 sets of brown eyes = one set of blue eyes and one set of green eyes.

  140. Rebecca Smith.. your statements are quite ignorant and not to mention idiotic. White people where never here before black people. Whites cant tolerate the natural sunlight and genetics classifies whites as humans with recessive traits. Where as blacks can actually process sunlight and are classified as dominant genetically. So when you look at it whites couldn't have predated blacks especially if all life comes from Africa. Also, i've never heard of two recessive genes ever being able to create a dominant one…have you? Every natural thing in nature processes sunlight in some capacity except white people. Educate yourself Rebecca, even ancient Rome and Greece where inhabited by blacks before whites ever knew what civilization was. Ex.Take the time to learn about the mycenaeans, Minoans also look up Black Athena and you will learn that whites are simply warlike copy cats that never created an original idea ever in human history. Every corner of this planet was first occupied and civilized by blacks.. i know it hurts but you have to come to terms with this if you are logical in your thought processes. The "white soles" argument is just plain Monkey talk and since you claim that blacks with blond hair are related to neanderthals, maybe you should do more research on this topic as well bc it has been scientifically proven by your white scholars that the closest genetic relative to the neanderthals are whites. We know this because there are no genetic markers for this particular trait in any Africans. History has shown that Africans did not inter marry with them nor did they cohabitate with such creatures. In short, you must be an idiot or you are Really strong proof that neanderthals still do walk the earth today…hahah! Cheers Monkey girl.

  141. Rebecca smith, please Keep smoking METh, We in the black community love to see your kind make a fool of yourself for all to see.

  142. Gloria Camel says:

    Black People are the first original indigenous people on planet earth!! We are all earth tones skin tones shades of Blackness hues all phenotypes hair types/colors all eye colors on earth!! This planet was once a black skinned planet black people are a global true race of huemanity!! All others Caucasians Eurasians Asians are Neanderthals 4%-6% percent bloodline/DNA mutated albino cavemen neanderthals sub race only 6-7000 years old!! Black skinned huemanity have Zero% percent primate neanderthal DNA/BLOODLINE!!You R blinded by white supremacy/white privilege strong demonic delusions Africa has 1.5 billion and still counting black skinned people and this doe's not include our DIASPORA GLOBALLY!! Caucasians R the tiniest of the tiniest minority on planet earth and you are dying out globally not very successful as a species!!Native Australian Aborigines are a PROUD black skinned people and they will TELL U SO!! Just ask one!! Ask a black skinned native Papuan from New Guinea if they R a proud Black man or Black woman they ALL REMEMBER MOTHER AFRICA/ALKEBULAN and will TELL U SO!!We know each other when we see eyeball each other!!Black Love and global Pan Africanism!!

  143. you know two caucasian cant make a black child.but a black woman can give birth to meny color.we have a black and a light gene.and you are only 6,000 years old.but you will not find a birth record for the black man and woman.and we are made to live on this planet.are you????so i guss you can say we are your mom and dad.

  144. rebecca say it with me ,I come from the black man and woman of the earth and i am willing to live with question about it .asians people was here long before caucasians was made,yes made……

  145. My youngest son was born with blonde hair? People thought that I had been with a white man? His hair stayed blonde until he was about 13 yrs. old? He was highly criticized.

  146. LaCec Sainti says:

    What kind of ridiculous question is that ? "we are made to live on this planet.are you???" Do you realize what you are implying, saying, stating here ?

  147. LaCec Sainti says:

    African-American is not "100%" anything. It is historically the produce of the deportation of Africans and the "encounter" with other people on the American continent. Same for European-Americans, whether they want it on not. Nobody is "100% pure" something… Even the darkest people on the planet. It's a genetic fact for humanity.

  148. LaCec Sainti says:

    African-American is not "100%" anything. It is historically the produce of the deportation of Africans and the "encounter" with other people on the American continent. Same for European-Americans, whether they want it on not. Nobody is "100% pure" something… Even the darkest people on the planet. It's a genetic fact for humanity.

  149. LaCec Sainti says:

    So, you mean Jews are a people, not a religion…
    The fact that some Jews are "black", does it make other-wise looking Jews not Jews ?? Isn't that exactly what racist Jews try to say about dark-skinned African Jews ? So finally, you are one and the same people as far as thinking goes… Unity can happen even where you don't expect it.

  150. Christopher Drakeford says:

    @lalec.hello.I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying but I will say that Jews aren't of African origin even though they they are black.all Jews are black.but not all blacks are Jews.when it comes to the imposter and wannabe Jews.its what Isaiah says when it says.we are thine.thou never bear rule over them.they were not called by that Name.Africans are from the lineage of Ham.the true Jew(slave trade black people are descendants of shem.both black.but one is a hamite and the other a shemite.there's no such thing as a African Jew.there are Jews that are black that live there during the time of yehowshua

  151. Christopher Drakeford says:

    I'm sorry.lacec.I spelled your name incorrectly.serphardic,ashkenazi's and the rest are not Jews.they are all converts.

  152. Ramona Rodriguez says:

    You've got to appreciate the hands of God.There are so many hidden wonders of human beings on this Earth that we haven't seen or touched.

  153. Miss Smith, you are an idiot…not an ethnographer, nor an anthropologist.

  154. Sharlena Eltoukhy says:

    interesting article, I am not mixed and I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. Not everyone has to be mixed to have these features so that's nice to know.

  155. Everyone is mixed! I have American Indian norwegian Irish lebanese French and I'm sure I'm missin something!

  156. Sharlena Eltoukhy says:

    I thought the article was interesting because I constantly get asked If I am biracial and I am not its just in my genetics and runs in my family. So the article was very informative on where the gene comes from and what it does.

  157. René A. Madera Burgos says:

    Why in the hell do we keep fighting over who's first? who's better? or who's right? ect ect
    If you peel away the skin of a black person and a white person, and you put them one besides the other, you would see there is little difference. GROW UP PEOPLE! The color of the skin shows absolutely nothing about the heart and soul of a person.

  158. Rebecca Smith you are incorrect. Life did start in Africa. Revelations tells us so and no amount of science can change that. The description of God in revelatiions describes that he is Black.

  159. Lynnelle Mrs-Mars St Albord says:

    I know a fair share of jews of african american heritage. they were family friends of my step mom and I'm a christian.

  160. Victoria Alejandra Escalera-Cuello we all came from Black genes. Black genes is the dominat gene. Black genes are the only genes that can generate other genes, You Can Not get black from white genes, even scientist have proving that.

  161. LaCec white peole come from Eve and the serpeant, black people come form Adam and Eve, that is for sure. Whites will always think they are higher, it's their makeup. When Eve slept with the serpeant she bored a white child, that is where whites come from and they know it. That's why they try so hard to make others believe otherwise.

  162. Yes, jew is a race and not a religion. Most people don't know that. People need to study history and not rely on what they have heard.

  163. dear rebecca smith … you are so smart you're fucking retarded… no offense. i pray to god u don't have, own or teach children of any race ethnicity. ignorance is bliss. oh boy

  164. Lenice Mariee says:

    I know alot of people who are fully black . They have hazel eyes etc. & that have light skin not dark . White people are not the only people with blue or blonde hair . Hispanics & blacks have it to . Full or mix doesnt matter.

  165. LaCec Sainti says:

    I didn't say what you said is "wrong", simply it was not accurate. You cannot talk about humans as we know ourselves and talk in millions of years. I am not attacking you, on the contrary I am saying that it is interesting that you are passionate in trying to teach what you learn.
    BUT, you have to be careful with not telling stories that are not accurate.

    National Geographic and the History Channel are interesting sources, but to consider critically. I have seen a lot in there that was inaccurate and biased about Africans in particular. So yet, it is good to learn and teach in turn, but always be careful and don't take everything you hear, see or read for granted, until you have seen several sources telling you that there is something proved there.

    I understand what you are saying and if my reply sounded agressive, I am sorry about that, because it wasn't meant to be.

    My only concern, and on that topic in particular I am more and more determined and clear, is that way America spreads its vision and belief in race. I don't think it's a good thing at all, and I say it loud. But it wasn't directed at you in particular. On the contrary, it is a very general about American instituionalized race-ism…

  166. @ LaCec Sainti I don't care how many books, research or whatever else you think you may have read! It's wrong on all counts. and it is totally myth rather you like it or not. Have a nice a day!

  167. LaCec Sainti says:

    IF it's myth, it's okay. You believe what you wish. But just don't call it facts ! Just be aware that this myth is the "white man" 's invention.

  168. LaCec Sainti says:

    Leslye Miller It is curious to me that anyone would absolutely want to fine "purity" in humans (all the more since it's focuses on physiology and biology, such complex aspects of us)… Why and what for ? What it the problem with life and its primary fact, reproduction, and therefore mixing (which doesn't necessarily mean "mixing" as in "race mixing" but simply the mingling of two "beings") ?? Anyways…

  169. Anonymous says:

    If any of you watch the PBS series The Journey of Man you will know that science has now traced the evolution of all mankind out of Africa and they left that continent by degrees and spread throughout the world.

  170. You are so one sided, until you learn more than what you trying so hard to focus on here, I have no more words for lost minds like yours. Have a great day! becuz I sure as heck will! ;o)

  171. LaCec Sainti says:

    Yes, myths do not leave much spaces for thinking. Why would you even want to talk with anyone, since you have decided it is like that ? I know who invented the "purity of races". I know what it lead to, in Europe, Africa and America.

  172. LaCec Sainti says:

    Leslye Miller It always strikes me how, when people are at a loss for arguments, they focus on the person. "You are …" "lost mind like yours". Not even the person, the person's mind !

  173. LaCec You and Rebecca are very sick people. go get life already! BYE

  174. Take your scientific field and reflection in the mirror of white supremacist and shove it!

  175. Mali Jeffries says:

    Then why are scientists doing genetic research?…..It's not about who is better it's about debunking the lies the oppressor have used to brainwash people like yourself.

  176. René A. Madera Burgos says:

    Hola Mali, So sad to read that you feel opressed. I don't…….the color of your skin has shown nothing to me, your words have. GROW UP 😉

  177. Mali Jeffries says:

    That's the problem Chica…you don't realize that you are…It would be a wonderful world if the color of your skin didn't matter. As a Hispanic…you should know…and to assume I am of color…you are off base mi hermana.

  178. René A. Madera Burgos says:

    I respect your opinion Mali….But I stand by my words, the color of your skin says nothing. I live in a world full of different people and the difference in the color of our skin is of no concern to people in our society. I never wrote or assumed you were "of color" I wrote…..the color of your skin. White, black, red, yellow, brown, ect ect..these are all colors are they not ??? Maybe we should stop worrying about the color of the skin…maybe we should start learning more about who we really are and were we are heading as a species. By the way…to assume I'm a chica or tu hermana….you too are way of base 😉 Anyway, AGREE TO DISAGREE

  179. Mali Jeffries says:

    To know your destiny you must know your history…..And this may be the beginning for some people to learn who they are. I Agree we should be concerned where we are heading as a species, but you must admit COLOR matters to some people, as does culture etc, or the country wouldn't be in a debate about immigration…..:)..

  180. Who died and named you a genetic expert? You state who was here first as if you personally were there! Dont think so. I'm here to tell you that I am black with dark skin and dark eyes/dark hair along with my husband who also has dark hair and eyes and our daughter has blue eyes and blonde hair and who gives a damn whether or not it came from white ancestors down the line all that matters is that she is healthy and beautiful! White folks kill me always acting as if everything starts with them unless they dont perceive it as beautiful that is…

  181. to Christopher-If white Jews are fake-does that make blacks Christ-killers, killers of the Prophets and everything else that we get…for all of the white Jews that have been murdered for these things, are you volunteering to join them? What about the Jews in Arab and Muslim countries who suffered after 1948? Does the friendly greeting White Jew bastard make us Jewish> As far as the synagogue of Satan-we have our bad ones-but so do you…

  182. Christopher Drakeford says:

    @Steve.yes it is people not all but most did persecute the prophets and did sentenced mashyach to death.they were nothing like mashyach.more so like the one who condemned him.1948 when Israel became a state.I don't acknowledge those folks that's been there since then.the Scriptures say that a bastard shall dwell in of Isaiah says.we are thine.thou never bear rule over them.they were not called by Your Name

  183. Rebecca Smith so i guess you also think that white skin came out of dark brown soil……

  184. Chimére Nieves-Pellot says:

    Well said. My mother AND my son both have blonde curly hair…and well I don't. Matter of fact the picture used in the article actually favors them both. Just let marvels be marvels. I refuse to believe that skin tone or ethnicity can precondition an individual. "Dark skin" does not determine ANTHING else. Not hair color, not intellect, not class status, not personal potential, not morals and values, not weight, not height and certainly not who you can love. Its sad to read the responses here. Science trials to determine why individuals other than the common demographic have a certain hair color????!!! When will we as a global community GET IT?!!?

  185. Jd Davis says:

    Indeed Sharlena, both sets of my grandparents are black, and I was born with strawberry blonde hair (that has darkened w/a half century's age to Auburn) and Freckles. It is NOT an uncommon occurrence in my family lineage.

  186. Kellyann Barrow says:

    Rebecca Smith, that not the reason why black people have white palms its Because the skin of the palms always has very little melanocytes (pigment producing cells) so even the darkest of people may have pale palms.

    Also, it might interest you to know that from person to person the number of melanocytes doesn't vary all that much. It's just the amount of melanin that they produce which varies a lot.

  187. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    Rebecca Smith, what? you are sadly speaking many things that are baseless and untrue. Life began in Africa. You need to do some real DNA study.

  188. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    Its called dominate and recessive genes. It is the match up of those genes that produce anything under the sun. You may not think you are of mixed heritage but if you did DNA testing you would see that that is not true. How one looks does not determine who you really are genetically.

  189. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    Christopher.., I am a black Jew…my DNA results support that fact and it has blown the minds of some whites scholars who thought they knew everything about who is and who is not Jewish!

  190. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    Amen, Nasira. I made the same observation to Ms. Smith in my earlier post. You should know your science before you speak…the bottom of the feet of blacks is white because they were white…wow! No. she didn't!!

  191. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    There are no pure races! Everyone is mixed with something. If you believe in creation…life began with TWO people. There had to be some mixing somewhere.

  192. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    If you study the migration patterns of people from the African continuent you will see how all of this came about. Some of my Africans ancestors migrated to Norway centuries ago. And those individuals had to adapt to these new surrounding. The body have evolved and changed over time due to its environment and circumstances.

  193. Sheila Hightower-Allen says:

    Rebecca, why does someone else have to be an idiot? It is so childish to call people names because the disagree with your position.

  194. Jd Davis says:

    All things being equal Sheila, while I realize the inherent truth of your statement (we ARE a jumbled mix of each other), based on my direct visual lineage back to both sets of grandparents and actually even further than that on 3 of my 4 sides, each of my Ancestors were black. Not certain of 1/2 if my Maternal Grandfather's heritage. I choose to identify myself as Af-Am/Black as the rest is irrelevant (being a born/reared citizen of the USA).

  195. Honestly, kill this article. The intentions are insulting. Black people do not need validation from the like of this article. Red hair, Blonde, Brown, Jet Black, Grey…come on..Hour hair type is the dominate gene, so teach, but teach right. What next?

  196. Laici Dreyer says:

    Chimére Nieves-Pellot I agree and disagree. If it weren't for science doing DNA research, there would never have been hard proof for the stupid people around the world that truly believed that different skin color made you a different race or species. All humans share 99.6% the same, identical DNA. The .4% differences are what makes us all look different. It proved that black skin and white skin are just chromosomal differences, like brown or blonde hair. But I do admit that it's really annoying to see a study of hair color. Did we not already discover that, in white people for example, any hair color can pop up if the genetics are there to support it?

  197. Mali Jeffries says:

    Different from knowing your history?….Listen with ears of tolerance, see through eyes of compassion and speak with the language of love. I am not so sure, using profanity, and yelling.."grow-up" helps your position. When aparteid "Officially" ended in South Africa, they set up a reconciliation committee. To identify the issues and devlop strategies to address them. The former people of power had to acknowledge their wrongs in order for the country to heal and begin to move forward. That is how people come together and are able to move forward. History and peace prepare us for the future. Peace, grace and mercy to you.

  198. René A. Madera Burgos says:

    I don't understand…just when I think we are starting to understand each other you reply in a more agressive way. I think you are reading what you want to read instead of trying to understand what I'm writing. In any case I see no point in the continued exchange of words with a person who wants to misunderstand every little sentence the orher person is writing. READ WITH TOLERANCE, READ WITH THE EYES OF COMPASSION, AND WRITE WITH THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE 😉

  199. Mali Jeffries says:

    I know you don't understand…Peace & Blessings!

  200. Rebecca Smith you obviously don't know shit about Africa, history or genetics. Sorry your people weren't first, but it is what it is. Africans were first, everyone developed from them. So deal with it, get over it and read a book or find some empirical (scientific proof) evidence. It really isn't hard to find. Most of your people spend to much time trying to be first.

  201. Rebecca Smith …matter of fact, stop commenting on Africa. You are making yourself look silly. I would be embarressed. You probably believe in creationism too. Ughhhh….I hate all ppl equally, this is why.

  202. John Dumas says:

    Everyone is from Africa.
    Due to intermarriage we are all cousins.
    For example, the current President and the former Vice-President are 8Th cousins, per NBC news.

  203. my nephew has dark blonde curly hair and green-hazel eyes and we don't know how so we let it be xD.

  204. Catherine Girod says:

    Rebecca Smith, you are absolutely right. Well, except for the part about all white babies being born with blue eyes. And the part about Australopithicus afarensis being found in Europe and Asia. Then I stopped reading your baseless rant.

  205. Sha Desir says:


  206. Sha Desir says:


  207. Greg Apple says:

    White ancestry.

  208. Greg Apple says:

    That's because Obama is half white and his mother is related to the VP. His father isn't.

  209. It's Stupid Bitches like JASMINE that makes her race own Pity her from the stupidty and careless she has. KNOWLEDGE OF SELF is something your stupidass needs, so to belittle a statement made by people dropping jewels on your dumb ass makes you look STUPID. I'm 22 and I know when an elder speak i listen. Knowledge is the most POWERFUL and fruitful Wealth one can have before the Physical power (money) comes into place and I can see your Poor as Hell mentally. Anyways As A Black Latina who has known about this since 9 I support my brothers and sisters who knows the History OUTSIDE the textbooks at school because their all mere lies to ostrisize the real truth of history and today. GD BLESS ALL. *Besos*

  210. Gilbertine Vilot says:

    there 're a lot, in the pacific and also in Madagascar island?

  211. Well said Jacquelyn.

  212. Sheila Hightower-Allen, The first time I ever saw a picture of an Olmec head, before I even knew about the early history of the Americas or anywhere else, it was the summer of 1986, the Summer of Screams, which my cousins and I spent at my grandfather's house (which had scorpions INSIDE, snakes, huge praying mantises, lizards, flying waterbugs, rabbits?/possums?/beavers? and fire ants in the backyard and the ONLY thing he allowed on TV the whoooooole summer was the Iran Contra Hearings – good times!). One of my cousins found a picture in a National Geographic and we were all ROTFLOAO, in hysterics because it looked EXACTLY my grandfather. The Olmec looked so much like him that when we came back to NY we pranked other people in the family with the picture telling them it was a statue of my grandfather from his soccer playing days. Except for the people who knew what the Olmec heads are, the resemblance was so strong, everybody believed it. My grandfather was blue-black, with a brother they said was blurple, with big lips, big eyes, a big nose and wavy hair. I don't have the money now to really get my genealogy traced bt I know those are my ancestors, closer rather than distant.

  213. I don't know what else to say to you, LaCec. Maybe I need to start hanging out with anthropologists, ethnologists, geneticians, etc to see what you are saying because right now I don't. I have kids with curly hair. So am I Black and them Indian? I have seen Chinese people with Afros. Are they Black?

  214. I believe scientists r doing genetic research, to determine if a group of people or peoples are more prone to illnesses, and if said people react to therapy the same as general public. I'm probably wrong, but my belief keeps me from climbing that water tower w my AK….

  215. René A. Madera Burgos says:

    To you…It's me who doesn't understand. And I respect your opinion.
    Peace & Blessings for you my friend !!

  216. Christopher Drakeford says:

    When an individual had leprosy according to Scriptures.the priest would look for yellow hair(blonde) Leviticus 13

  217. Lorraine Ramsey says:

    Rebecca Smith , All I have to say is DNA does not lie. Africans are the most, varied of the people on earth. This means they have been here the longest.

  218. Anonymous says:

    it's evolution. The Universe decided to end racism in it's own way.

  219. Pff you wish you were hebrew, do you know the Arabs started the slave trade?

  220. Anonymous says:

    ive watched shows on PBS about the blonde hair theories.
    There ARE blonde black Australian aborigines.
    There are also naturally blonde very tall Mongolian Natives.
    There are also isolated populations of Blonde haired blue eyed japanese natives.They look pretty strange.
    My lawyer is an albino Chinese man with pink eyes.
    Aboriginals of Tasmania are not black,, they are caucasians with every color hair there is.
    The world is a pretty weird place full of stunningly beautiful and unusual people of all kinds.
    Im sure science will figure out where we all came from sooner or later. In the meantime, celebrate the rainbow of beauty that is the HUMAN RACE.

  221. DeLaine Owens says:

    In reply to Rebecca. Every single browned eyed person on earth has the ability to produce blue eyed children. 2 parents with dominant brown eyes have a 3 percent chance of producing offspring with blue eyes. Those with recessive brown eyes have a greater chsnce. It seems like your feelings are hurt so you completely disregard science and every single new piece of evidence which supports the theory out of Africa. Dark to light mutation has already been proven and it wouldnt make sense in reverse. The migration patterns have already been found for every group. Not only the patterns but the times that they left. And I've heard that ALL babies have blue eyes at some point. Not only that there are artifacts and even star maps in Africa leading back VERY far. As well as the oldest known human fossils ever found. Sweetheart your in denial and have been lied to. I'm guessing you get your "news" from one of the racist websites.

  222. Black people have blue, green, etc eye color. My daugther has very light brown eyes. Explan that please

  223. Rebecca Smith loool So our ancestors were not HUMAN so what were they ALIENS … LMAO

  224. That's why it's called the mother land!

  225. Mia Darden says:

    I'm brown skinned and was born with sandy blonde hair. Its not so uncommon.

  226. Joseph Buchanan says:

    Leslye Miller C'mon now! At the very least African Americans are a mix of African cultures brought over to America – not "pure" at all.
    Like it or not, almost every person of African descent in America has some caucasian DNA. Even in Africa and Europe people were mixing before they became the "races"and nations that they are today.
    People who try to advocate or promote "purity" are ignorant and don't know what they are talking about. BTW genetic diversity is a good thing – only mixing with your own kind is a good way to limit genetic diversity and promote deformities.. So not only yis there no such thing as racial "purity" the pursuit of said purity is detrimental to the health of the human race as a whole.

  227. Brian Dias says:

    I know I'm a little late in this so I'll try to be brief.

  228. Brian Dias says:

    I know that I'm a little late getting into this so I will try to be brief.
    As regards to the statements she made are partially true although seems skewed in a racial manor.

    The "Out of Africa" Theory has NOT been 100% debunked, however recnt evidence has come up that supports a "Into Africa" Theory.

    Non-Africans have been found to have Neanderthal DNA.

    South Asians and Pacific Islanders have been found to have Denisovan DNA.

    Australopithecus Africanus and Homo Erectus remains have been found in Europe and Asia. There is also evidence to prove that Homo Habilis, Homo Ergastor, and Denisova made to Asia.

  229. Shanee' Davis says:

    Rebecca Smith Not true at all. My nephew has bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Clearly not from his dad's side of the family. Well thought out response, albeit incorrect.

  230. Rebecca Smith You just sound like another angry white woman to me…..

  231. Nasira Miller I bet Rebecca doesnt have any black friends…lol

  232. Belinda Ward says:

    well I will tell you how black people have blonde hair the masters had sex with the slaves duuhhhh.

  233. Belinda Ward says:

    the white masters had sex with the black slaves thats how the blonde hair came about in the blacks duhhhhh and honey blacks are born with blue eyes too where have you been you need to watch discovery 7 history channel cuase you slow and don't nobody know how man was created but god himself and therewas no blacks and whites back then blacks and whites formed over time duhhhhhh read your bible honey god did not say adam was white in the bible

  234. Anonymous says:

    LaCec Sainti I agree with you. My family base began in slavery in Mississippi but intermarried with the local Choctaw, Cree and Chinese and German loggers in the Delta. Our family members came out looking like a who's who in genetic material!

  235. Jeanette Davis says:

    Rebecca Smith, You are providing inaccurate history which is usually the case when whites find out that they are not SUPERIOR to all other peoples on the earth. Black Africans were first to dominate the earth, but, I will not try to convince you of this. I will let your own scientists prove it scientifically. Watch the documentary, "The Human Family Tree". Through tracing DNA through time, scientists found that not only were Africans the first people who walked the earth, but that they did so for over 250,000 years before migrating to other parts of the world. Their physical characteristics were changed due to climactic conditions in the places in which they settled. Also, all albinos originated in Africa. They are simply mutations of the human gene just like you and others like you.

    Being the last people to come into existence, Europeans were the weakest due to being recessive (pale, pink skin, colored eyes and hair, etc.) and the complete opposite of the dominant stock they derived from (black African). Hence, they are the least populated people on the earth existing in a zero population growth status (for every one that dies, one is born). This world domination exercise in futility is their way of trying not to become extinct, because they are fearful of becoming absorbed into the colored peoples of the world. Thus their crazy, murdering and completely out of control rape of the world's resources and inhabitants.

  236. Jeanette Davis says:

    Because, historical and biological accuracy IS important, and science has proven it. If it were not, why do Europeans go to so much trouble trying to prove they are superior to everyone else on the planet by destroying true history and replacing it with "His Story"?

  237. Internationally Known says:

    It is proving that human life began in Africa and the Bible also says Jesus had skin of bronze and hair of wool.

  238. Internationally Known says:

    Back in the back anybody white was considered bad pigment or a freak mutation which is the same case here, it has nothing to do with Europe

  239. Rebecca Smith My, my aren't we touchy!I guess the idea that the first man was BLACK & came from Africa doesn't sit well with you! Too bad ! All scientific evidence (you have heard of that haven't you?) points to that fact& White skin is a mutation caused by a weaker gene. I learned a long time ago that dark, hair & eyes are dominant. Whether you like it or not the truth is the TRUTH!! We started the whole human race!

  240. javon youre a punk, just trying to insult the one white girl who commented here, which makes you the racist. I like those retro 1995 shades you got in your pic must have gotten them at a gas station or something.


  242. Sakata Rumba says:

    Nasira Miller drop that knowledge. me likes how you bring out those points.

  243. Sakata Rumba says:

    you killed it Ja'von. Diop & CLarke showed us the light…no longer do we swallow that White egypt bullshit…salute bratha

  244. Sakata Rumba says:

    the diversity of genes in black folk is absolutely incredible…just like in Afrika…in the same area u gots people with dark hair, light hair, rough hair, st8t hair, light skin, dark skin, tonal language, untonal language..etc….its simply amazing.

  245. Sakata Rumba says:

    the aboriginals of Australia….they shud luk into that n tell us wat more genes they find among our people…

  246. Sakata Rumba says:

    facts….heehehe….sometimes they are debunked to myths and falacies. books…it depends on which ones you read. facts tend to be biased depending on who is writing them. IN brazil…amazone…I think we gots some people who are 'pure'…kinda

  247. Sakata Rumba says:

    enough of the fkn studies…how come it is only us who r research samples…we ain't no guinea pigs

  248. Sakata Rumba says:

    @Nancy Nicola …if you look as Sudanese, who live in a semi-arid hot area, they got very dark skin as compared to their close neighbours in Kenya. I think temperature also plays a huge part in skin pigmentation…

  249. My daugther may have this mutation….We are getting her tested….Thanks for the information

  250. Twona Onedeterminedlady Gaskins says:

    AMEN to you "Youneedto getyourlife CauseShenothavinthat" You said what i have been saying for over 35yrs…Whites has taken what they want from any and everybody to feed their GREED..but the We All are fighting back and taking a stand and i just LOVE it…who is our President?..sure not a white man..i Love you President Obama!!

  251. Heidi Moore Reynolds-reeves says:

    @Rebecca Smith, sorry Becky…Black people were first….! U had better know that.

  252. Karique A Smith says:

    Leslye Miller Uhhhmmm hardly any "race" on earth is pure. The only people who can be classified as "pure" are the Andamese Islanders off the coast of India….they have been separated from other civilizations for thousands of years. Throughout the history of earth, people have traveled and interbred everywhere they have been. Sailors leave children in every port…so do soldiers at every outpost. The Romans carried African slaves to Europe, they also used Germanic and Slavic slaves. Movement of people and interbreeding thus isn't new. One in twelve Asian men are direct descendants of the Mongol, Genghis Khan….yet his homeland, Mongolia is one of the smallest Asian nations by population. Considering this…are they still 'pure"?

  253. Karique A Smith says:

    Jasmine LuckyDragon Tirado beats me how people always find a way to bring up the Bible in stuff…they do know its pretty biased and outdated…say…by 2000 years right? SMFH

  254. Karique A Smith says:

    Seriously have to wonder how people far away from Africa in the Solomon islands, who have left Africa with a good proportion of humanity thousands of years ago…are classified as "Black". What exactly is "Black"? does it refer to culture or genetics? Must be culture…because Asia and Europe are much closer to Africa (home of Black people) I would assume that ude to proximity these people are more closely related…so how can the Solomon Islanders be Black when Polynesia was settled by one of the earliest migrants from Africa? Or does "Black" refer to colour only?

  255. Sean Booker says:

    White doesn't exist at all…it's a mutation!

  256. What is that suppose to prove. Having blonde hair isn't more important than having black or red or auburn hair.

  257. Mzmerika Mzamerika says:

    so scientist finally figured out that it is the African interaction with your penes that produce blonde hair wow I think I'm a scientist
    I'm from Aruba ( Antilliean Black Jew) my husband is Swedish we have blonde hair children G who would have guessed that would
    .happen. Caucasians really need to stop the ignorance and DENIAL!

  258. Martin Doyle says:

    This article attributed anonymously to "ABS Staff" contains errors and nonsense.

    It says, "The scientists consider the effect to be very unique", thereby showing that they do not understand the simple word "unique". A thing cannot be "very" unique or only a "little bit" unique. Either it is unique or it is not. "Unique" means "one of a kind."

    Eimear Kenny, co-author of the study, is described as a "he" but she is a woman; the clue is in the name.

    Finally, geneticist Sean Myles said that seeing dark-skinned people with blond hair "was mind-blowing". Myles obviously needs to get out more if he is so easily amazed. It is interesting that blondness can occur in dark people, but "mind-blowing" is the kind of hyperbole that looks bad in a scientist.

  259. Anonymous says:

    This article attributed anonymously to "ABS Staff" contains errors and nonsense.

    It says, "The scientists consider the effect to be very unique", thereby showing that they do not understand the simple word "unique". A thing cannot be "very" unique or only a "little bit" unique. Either it is unique or it is not. "Unique" means "one of a kind."

    Eimear Kenny, co-author of the study, is described as a "he" but she is a woman; the clue is in the name.

    Finally, geneticist Sean Myles said that seeing dark-skinned people with blond hair "was mind-blowing". Myles obviously needs to get out more if he is so easily amazed. It is interesting that blondness can occur in dark people, but "mind-blowing" is the kind of hyperbole that looks bad in a scientist.

  260. Brianna 'Mestiza' Peral says:

    sorry um, you are making a interesting argument, but the original man/woman came from africa. 2 white people cannot produce a black baby, but studies shown that 2 black people can in fact create a white baby because of the recessive 'brown' gene. White people would simply not have survived on their own, they carry the weaker genes. Sorry. :-X

  261. isn't "mutation" amazing? :] without it we would all be the exact same!

  262. JD Davis says:

    tInteresting dialogue Rebecca Smith, however, ALL white babies are NOT born with blue eyes just like SOME black children ARE born with blue eyes and light hair. You obviously did NOT SEE the part in the article about chromosonal difference….READing IS fundamental. ijs

  263. Angel Lace says:

    Why is black hair different from every one else. Not just the curly hair but the purest of black people's hair. Even when I search for animals with hair that may resemble ours I am unsuccessful. We are very special and there will be a revealing of why at the end of this journey. I believe………

  264. If it weren't for science doing DNA research, there would never have been hard proof for the stupid people around the world that truly believed that different skin colour made you a different race or species. All humans share 99.6% the same, identical DNA. The.4% differences are what makes us all look different. It proved that black skin and white skin are just chromosomal differences, like brown or blonde hair.

  265. Blacks were first there's no debating that fact!!!!!

  266. Mike Outlaw says:

    I don't know who taught Rebecca Smith science or if she just can't expect the fact that black or should I say Brown because black is the color of car tires,that your palms are white Jeff's you ain't white snow is white piano keys are Caucasians are pink,nothing pure or magical about that.trying to put a label on your skin to seem important only tricks your kids not anyone me what science news reported that whites were first and I'll show a report that was written by racist pink people who stereotype them selves as white,lil white lie nahh,lil pink lie

  267. Black was assigned like all the other colors by man. It isreally of no imporrtance except to create and continue world wide division.

  268. This discussion is useless unless the Humanoids are prepared to put an end to separation as it relates to all people.

  269. Jesus's hair was like lamb;s wool & his face, feet, & hands like brass bronze
    , which proves he was black. All the other texture of Black hair comes from race mixing

  270. Dora Lee says:

    Human life started in Africa, so you can any color of skin.

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