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New Pics Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Villain Lizard

amazing spiderman poster

A pair of new images of the villain lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man has hit the internet today.

Columbia Pictures already witnessing the oversees success of the Avengers, they have shifted focus to their Marvel summer project The Amazing Spider-Man.

This is the second set of new pictures to hit the web. The first images features Spidey after a battle, and this latest pair of photos shows an aggressive Lizard.

The first pic could be deemed as breathtaking, especially by those who are big fans of the genre. Being highly anticipated, this new image teases the audience by showing the Lizard in his torn medical coat, which he wears in the comic-books, with his back towards the camera.

In the second picture, viewers can see a scaly claw holding on to a camera. On the close up, you’ll see “property of Peter Parker” displayed on the back.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters on July 3, 2012. Flip through to enjoy the new images:

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