Deion Sanders May Face Additional Charges In Pilar Attack

Deion Sanders is scheduled to make a court appearance tomorrow and he may face stiffer charges in the shocking attack allegedly orchestrated by his estranged wife Pilar Sanders.

Pilar stands accused of attacking the former Hall of Famer in his home along with her friend Dee Boswell. However according to Dee, Deion destroyed her phone after she captured footage of him attacking Pilar include a photo a bloody thumb.

“I had my phone in my left hand. And I was able to capture Deion striking Pilar in the head with a statue. Pilar was crouched down on the floor like this,” she said covering her head with her hands to demonstrate what she saw.

In turn Pilar’s attorney Pete Schulte is working closely with the police to levy a Class A misdemeanor charge. “We believe that Mr. Sanders destroyed a phone in an attempt to hide evidence,” said Pete. “The police have at least taken the step to charge Mr. Sanders for breaking Deana Boswell’s phone.”

Another snag for Deion in the nasty divorce was his interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday morning where he denied touching his estranged wife.

“I pray to God they don’t allow [Pilar] back in the home,” Sanders said. “It’s not a safe environment for me as well as the kids. But I assure you one thing: She was never touched.”

Deion could be held in contempt over the interview.

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