Thoughts From A “Nice Guy” – 10 Songs Inspiring Female Relationship Questions

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am the “Nice Guy.” You probably know me. I usually talk to you after work so you can vent and then go talk or be with the person you really want to be with. You usually tell me we need to find you a nice girl or you just completely ignore me. Well Singersroom has given me an open platform to express myself. So today I took a couple of old school songs I like that make me think of some questions I would love to ask some women.

There is so much focus on what the female is thinking and what questions they have for men. Women are always trying to “think like a man,” but in this day and age when women, in many cases, are running the show, men also have questions. Some of these questions might come from “insecurity” or just curiosity, but there are so many questions men have pertaining to women. I guess relations between men and women would be easier if we had all the answers or maybe not. Check some of these questions out and while you’re doing that I encourage men as well as women to comment with questions of your own. Let’s talk and figure out what each other is thinking.

1. “Why do “good guys” finish last if women always are talking about looking for a “good guy”?
Jasmine Sullivan – In Love With Another Man

2. “What does “he is TOO nice” mean? (I thought nice was good?)”
Babyface – Two Occasions (Babyface you’re way too nice!)

3. “Do you still love him?” (If he asked that he will automatically be labeled insecure even if it’s true. Weird but true.)
Carl Thomas – I Wish

4. Do you have to listen to your friends for everything?
Jon B. – They Don’t Know

5. So you want me to be funny, serious, sensitive, tough, focused, all about you, etc? Could you just love me just for me?
Special Generation – Love Me Just For Me

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