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Eli Manning's 'Saturday Night Live' Promo Video, Can He Score?

This weekend, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning will host Saturday Night Live. The two-time Super Bowl winner will make his first appearance on the show. Eli’s brother, Payton Manning, who also has a Super Bowl ring himself, has hosted the show in the past.

That being said, how would the quarterback do in front of the TV show cameras? Eli has already shown the world that he could be poised, after winning two world titles in the National Football League. So, will he score, or just fumble on the show? That answer remains to be seen!

In the meantime, SNL producers have released a promo video to warm up the audience for Saturday night. In the first clip of the video, Jason Sudeikis (in a Voice chair) tries to convince Eli to join his “team”. After that, Kenan Thompson costars in the rest of the cuts, which include various football references and a singing solo by Eli.

Singer Rihanna will be the musical guest for this week’s show, which will air Saturday 11:30pm EST on NBC.

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