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Nick Cannon Ditches Junk Food Amid Health Scare

Nick Cannon has made a lifestyle change following a health care last Christmas. The 31-year old America’s Got Talent judge was hospitalized several time over the last few months and was later diagnosed with a Lupus-type Autoimmune disease. Cannon was forced to cut down on his work on focus on his health. Since putting his health first Nick has made some changes revealing recently,

“I feel better than I’ve ever been. I’m in the best shape that I’ve ever been in. Since this whole thing has happened, I haven’t had any salt, red meat, fast food. [I’ve only had] chicken and fish. I feel so great. I’m juicing a lot.”

With the support of his wife Mariah Carey and their twins Monroe and Moroccan, Nick is sharing his journey with his fans on a web series NCredible Health Hustle.

“From there, I just figured that I wanted to document the entire process. This process might inspire a lot of people. So getting back into shape and getting back to the way that I always was before the condition was a journey.”

In other great news Cannon will honored for his charity work at the 2012 Common Sense Media Awards in San Francisco tomorrow.


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