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Demi Moore Surfaces Fresh Faced And Healthy After Rehab Stint

Demi Moore braved her first appearance—looking healthy—Tuesday at a Beverly Hills house party to support a friend since voluntarily entering a rehab reportedly for “exhaustion.”

The friend in question, Amanda De Cadenet, British TV host, was celebrating the April 26 launch of the approaching Moore executive produced and inspired Lifetime interview show, “The Conversation.”

The conversations that [Demi] and I have on a daily basis really reflect the questions on the show,” De Cadenet told People magazine. “She was a great sounding board. The spirit of the show is about women supporting one another so [working with her] was great.”

The quaint gathering was hosted by InStyle Managing Editor Ariel Foxman and sprouted at Demi’s three-month-mark of being off-scene since her minor meltdown months ago. The former Mrs. Kutcher returned to Twitter uploading a pic of herself and later asking her followers to help decide a new handle, tweeting: “time for a change, twitter name change … any suggestions?”

We’re glad to see you’re doing well Demi!

See more post rehab photos of Demi below.

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