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Demi Moore Wants Half Of Ashton Kutcher's Gelt

ashton kutcher and demi moore

The first round of divorce court has started in the Demi Moore/Kutcher Kutcher case, and the actress is seeking to take the Two And A Half Men actor to the bank. Earlier today, in a Los Angeles Superior Court, Moore asked the judge to have her ex pay both spousal support and attorney fees.

The couple spilt over a year ago citing “irreconcilable differences,” and now it looks as though the two may end up going through a lengthy courtroom battle over the financial terms.

Kutcher is reportedly worth $140 million. Last year alone, he earned $24 million from the CBS hit show Two and a Half Men. However, Moore is worth more than Kutcher, reportedly being worth $150 million.

So if Moore is worth more than Kutcher why would she seek spousal support? It might have all to do with Kutcher, who has since their break-up, been seen parading around with his That ’70s Show costar Mila Kunis, who is his new girlfriend. Kutcher was even spotted with Kunis in his hometown in Iowa over the Christmas vacation with his family.  A wise man would always say, “never get a new girlfriend until the ink on your divorce papers is dry.”

Kutcher nor Moore has yet commented on this case more details coming soon…

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