New Prometheus 'Happy Birthday David' Promo Delivers Clues Into Michael Fassbender Character

With the recent internet release of the ‘Happy Birthday David’ promo, the mystery surrounding Ridley Scott‘s upcoming SciFi epic Prometheus is slowly being peeled back.

It appears Michael Fassbender will be playing an artificial humanoid character much like the other films in the Alien franchise. First there was Ash, next  Bishop, and then Annalee Call followed. Now, we are introduced to the David character, which Fassbender portrays brilliantly, judging by the video below.

In the two and a half minute trailer, which poses as an advertisement for Weyland Industries (the fictional company that designed David), Fassbender brilliantly captures the essence of being an android. The actor ingeniously conveys the feeling that the character is performing exactly what it is programmed to do – mimicking a real person, yet coming off as eerily real.

Although there is an abundance of hype about the film, much of the details have been kept secret. The trailer below does give some insight into Fassbender’s character, but it also raises a lot of questions such as: What is David’s role in the battle to save the human race or  is he even a friend or enemy to the team sent to explore the alien world?

Prometheus is touted as a loose prequel to the Alien film series. It takes place in the distant future where two superpowers battle for control of the entire solar system’s resources.  Aside from Fassbender, the movie stars Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Patrick Wilson, Noomi Rapace, and Guy Pearce. The complete mystery is scheduled to be revealed in theaters on June 8th.


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