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First Trailer For Tyler Perry's 'Madea's Witness Protection' Released

Lionsgate has released the first trailer for Tyler Perry’s upcoming comedy movie Madea’s Witness Protection.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection centers around an investment banker and his family that are put in a witness protection program after being at the center of a Ponzi scheme in New York City. The bunch is relocated from their upscale home in Connecticut to Madea’s house in Atlanta, GA.

The film will feature a long list of notable actors and actresses, including Eugene Levy, Denise Richards, Tyler Perry, Danielle Campbell, John Amos, Doris Roberts, Tom Arnold and Lil’ Romeo.

Tyler Perry directed the movie. This will be the producer/actor/director’s 14th feature film with Lionsgate. Perry, along with the company, have released an average of two movies every year. The cumulative gross for all of their movies together is over $600 million at the North American box office. Good Deeds was the latest film released by the partnership.

Madea’s Witness Protection is slated to be in theaters June 29th, 2012.

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0 thoughts on “First Trailer For Tyler Perry's 'Madea's Witness Protection' Released

  1. Allegra says:

    I like TP but he needs to retire this Madea character. He also needs to focus more on Directing and Producing and stop with this coonery.

  2. HarlemQueen23 says:

    Madea aint goin nowhere.

  3. Stacy says:

    In my opinion it’s not coonery it’s just entertainment nothing more nothing less!! If you don’t like it you have every right not to watch it!! Because like HarlemQueen23 said Madea ain’t going no where!! so please stop beating that dead horse!! people say the same thing over and over again!! “coonery buffoonery”

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