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Vanessa And Kobe Bryant Putting Divorce On Hold?

Vanessa Bryant and basketball great Kobe Bryant, 33, have been rumored to be rekindling their fling ever since the two were caught kissing in a tunnel after the Lakers-Hawks game on Valentine’s Day.

No big deal for couples, but huge hoopla for the 29-year-old who filed for divorce in December from arguably the best player in the league who didn’t request a prenup before tying the knot and stands to reportedly lose $75 million and three homes from said divorce proceedings.

Fast forward, yesterday the couple was spotted together again…just not alone or smooching. The pair was taking in a Los Angeles Kings hockey game with their daughters, Natalia Diamante and Gianna Maria-Onore, who sat between their parents.

So, maybe the couple is working on their marriage. After all, Kobe has reportedly promised not to cheat again and has begged for another chance.

Either they are extremely cordial or working towards healing what several months ago could have had played out like a soap opera in a court room.


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