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Dwayne Johnson Has Agreed To Star In 'Lore' Sparking Major Bidding War Among Studios

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has signed on to play the lead role in the  screen play adaptation of IDW Publishing’s graphic novel, Lore, written by Ashley Wood and T.P. Louise.

Bidding wars have begun between Warner Bros, Paramount, and Sony for rights to the sci-fi film.  However, it appears that Warner Bros. may have an edge over the other two production companies, due to the fact they’ve already closed the deal for the rights to the book. It has been reported that the deal has peaked at over seven figures.

The screenplay, described as a Men in Black with mythological creatures instead of aliens, was adapted by Cory Goodman and Jeremy Lott.

Andrew Lazar, David Alpert and Rick Jacobs will serve as producers of the film, while Ted Adams and Ashley Wood are executive producing.

Johnson is starring in Paramount’s upcoming militarized comic sequel G.I. Joe Retaliation,  scheduled to hit theaters June 29th.  The action star is also currently filming Michael Bay’s movie Pain and Gain.


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