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Critics Call Nicki Minaj a ‘Sell-Out’ After Hip Hop/Pop Album

Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” might not live up to its high expectations. According to recent reviews, many critics are not at all impressed with the sophomore album centered around Nicki’s alter ego, Roman Zolanski. The album just released April 3rd, contains a lot more dance songs than Nicki’s debut album, the highly praised Pink Friday. Multiple critics have taken a listen to the Grammy nominee’s new music, and many don’t seem to believe that this album even comes close in comparison to the debut that made her a superstar.

Reuters critic, Chris Willman, called the album a “Hot-Pink Mess”, and went on to say “Most of the first third of the album is straight-up hip-hop — usually vulgar, often clever, mostly discordant and hardly dull.Then it suddenly transitions for most of its last two-thirds into a personality-drained pop-dance album in which Minaj seems possessed by the evil spirit of Katy Perry.”

Randall Roberts, LA Times critic, gave the album two out of four stars, writing “The result is a disjointed, artistically confused release that’s not only way too long but also doesn’t really ring true as an “album” at all, at least if your definition is a collection of new songs with a central premise or statement that one listens to from start to finish.”

I’m sure these reviews won’t sit well with the Trinidadian American rapper who recently expressed that she’s her own worst critic. Many believe that Nicki is struggling with her music, because she wants so badly to remain a top mainstream artist. This might be causing her to lose herself, because she’s attempting to conform to what’s currently most popular. What do you think?



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