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Aubrey O’Day Explains Dramatic Exit From Celebrity Apprentice

Ever heard the phrase, “You can’t fire me, because I quit!?” Well if you were watching Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice, you might have seen a prime example. Former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O’day became so frustrated with her team and the hit reality show that she walked off.

During the board meeting with Donald Trump, Aubrey’s teammates Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall stressed to the billionaire businessman how selfish the singer is. Trump agreed stating that Aubrey is “a good player, but not a team player”. He also went around to each team member asking who they would fire if they lost; all three of the men on the team voted Aubrey. The former playboy model began crying, and expressing her extreme dislike for Arsenio Hall, eventually walking out of the boardroom. Before leaving, Aubrey said,

“I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore. The environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.”

Hall didn’t feel at all sympathetic towards Aubrey, ranting to his fellow group members after leaving the boardroom. The former talk show host yelled, “I Googled her and a naked picture of her with a gut popped up!”. He also told teammates that Donald Trump was not going to “to take his banner and put it on her stank ass”.

Although Aubrey claimed to be done with the show, apparently we can’t count her out just yet. After the episode ended, Aubrey tweeted out to her followers, “I stay! lol. I went 2 church!” It will be interesting to see how Trump reacts to Aubrey’s bluff. I have a feeling, it won’t be pretty.

“Funny that I’m being so set up by these boys given I gained nothing from stepping up & fighting as hard as possible to give Arsenio a win,” continued O’Day on Twitter. “If I were really manipulative & self centered I would have set people up & let them drown in their poor ideas, which is how most stayed!”

What do you think of Aubrey O’Day on Celebrity Apprentice?

Video: Aubrey, Arsenio, Clay on Celebrity Apprentice

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0 thoughts on “Aubrey O’Day Explains Dramatic Exit From Celebrity Apprentice

  1. Susie says:

    Aubrey wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the corporate world. I have no doubt she’ll come back, since her exit was no doubt staged for drama. I’d bet my next paycheck on it.

  2. Pete says:

    funny that Aubry’s charity is for the anti bullying campaign, because that is exactly what she is, a BULLY. She demeans people based on their differences, tears them down instead of building them up. And to top it off her “best friend” on the show is even a bigger Bully than she is.

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