Bobbi Kristina Brown Still Distressed by Whitney Houston’s Death

Bobbi Kristina Brown recent behavior spurs more concerns from family members and friends as details of Whitney Houston’s cause of death is released.  Authorities have revealed the results of Houston’s preliminary autopsy concluding the “I’m Your Baby Tonight” singer died from an accidental drowning and had cocaine in her system.  Four days after the dismal autopsy revelation, Bobbi’s father, Bobby Brown, was arrested and later charged with several misdemeanor charges relating to a DUI.

Though the teenager and her father are reportedly not on talking terms, the effect of all the turmoil is undoubtedly taking its toll.   “Everyone is worried about Bobbi,” a source told US Weekly.  What concerns are friends and family having about Bobbi Kristina?   She reportedly went missing after the funeral and has been partying non-stop echoing her parents’ past.And earlier this month, pictures hit the ‘net of Krissy and Whitney’s “adopted son”, Nick Gordon, getting cozy more than an adopted brother and sister should. The pair later sparked concern of an engagement after Bobbi was seen wearing a ring once belonging to her mom.

Bobbi Kristina remained mum, but Nick tweeted: “Yeah we got a little closer and what!!!”

However, a rep for the family has explicitly denied the two are engaged.

Friends and family members are trying their best to help Bobbi Kristina cope, but insists “she’s lost” and is pushing them away.

“Bobbi just doesn’t want anyone’s help.”

That’s the worse part, but the good news is that a role in Tyler Perry’s sitcom “For Better Or Worse” may be the healthy distraction she needs. According to RadarOnline, Krissy has been offered a recurring part in the show as the daughter of one of the stylists who works in Angela Williams’ salon.

We’re rooting for you Bobbi Kristina. Stay strong!

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