Spike Lee Deletes & Apologizes For Wrong Tweet Of Zimmerman's Address


Director Spike Lee made the terrible mistake of retweeting an address said to belong to Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman. The tweet, reportedly came from a Los Angeles resident named Marcus Higgins, who tweeted the same message to several different celebrities. By re-tweeting Higgins, Lee caused quite a stir among his 250,000 followers, and the rest of the twitter world.

Unfortunately, the address Lee re-tweeted did not belong to 28-year-old George Zimmerman, but to a couple in their 70s who now fear for their safety. David and Elaine McClain have absolutely nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin case. The only thing the couple is guilty of is having a son named William George Zimmerman, which is most likely what caused their address to be spread throughout the internet.

The McClain’s have had to go into hiding because of this, staying in a hotel room, and parking their car around the corner, as they go home to grab a few things. Elaine McClain who suffers from heart conditions has reportedly had to visit the doctor. The 70-year-old says Spike Lee owes them a big apology.

Thankfully, it didn’t take the filmmaker long to do so, Lee tweeted “I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain’s In Peace.” The tweet has since been deleted.


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