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Pregnant Megan Fox Wouldn't Trade Places With Unattractive Girl

UPDATE-Former Transformers star Megan Fox may be pregnant with her first child. Fox and her husband of two years actor Brian Austin Green may be expecting their first child together if reports by Radar Online via their sister magazine Star is true.

“Megan Fox is pregnant with her first child! The 25-year-old brunette beauty and her hubby of nearly two years, Brian Austin Green, are expecting their first child together and couldn’t be more excited,” Radar writes.

“They just found out and are incredibly excited,” said the unnamed source.

Megan is already stepmom to Brian’s son Kassius from a previous relationship. The model and actress also made no secret of wanting to have children with her husband.

“She has really grown in the past couple of years. Megan used to only be concerned with her career, but now family comes first,” added the source.

The verdict may still be out on whether Megan is pregnant but we know for sure she enjoys being gorgeous! In a recent interview with French magazine Jalouse Fox stated about her looks,

“I live well with my image. I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl.”

Oh Megan..




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0 thoughts on “Pregnant Megan Fox Wouldn't Trade Places With Unattractive Girl

  1. CBomb says:

    Ugh, what a conceited thing to say. Not to mention the fact that over the past few years she’s transformed from a beautiful, fresh looking young woman to a scrawny, orange, plastic, shiny looking mannequin.

  2. d.harris says:

    she has always been very arrogant but ,that will definitely be her dawn fall.there are so many women out there who are far more beautiful than her,yet they make not much noise like her , and they are even more successful.

  3. jerry says:

    The only reason she’s putting family first is because she has literally no talents other than a pretty face and that never lasts.

  4. bc_girl says:

    I wouldn’t want her to trade places with what she calls “an unattractive girl” she couldn’t handle it. The world is full of “unattractive women” and yes according to her thoughts I am one of them but I have a heart and a soul and think Miss Fox needs to wake up and smell the coffee and realize beauty and youth is fleeting……. just wait until she is one of us.

  5. christina says:

    Why do people get so offended when people tell the truth? She wouldn’t trade places with an unattractive! Would you?! I wouldn’t. Nor would I trade places with a homeless person, or other similarly disadvantaged people. Like marilyn munroe once said in ‘gentlemen prefer blondes’’shypocritical to down a woman for using her looks…it’s just like a man with money. Use what you got. I have been morbidly obese, and now I am fit. I also happen to be a lot better looking now. I no longer have doors shut in my face, I am treated nicely in stores…I get help with heavy objects…you can call it shallow. I call it REALITY. I have been on both sides of the issue…I wouldn’t trade places with the old me for all the donuts at crispy creme.

  6. Ik says:

    Megan Fox…. Career…. Lol…. That’s a good joke….

  7. ella says:

    Oh Meghan, making that comment shows how unattractive you already are.

  8. tyagita says:

    Megan fox clarified that it was the french magazine who quoted like that.. she said it doenst mean that way.. cek on usmag..

  9. mandy says:

    Beauty is fleeting but stupid is forever…better start getting used to being ugly Megan…it will happen sooner or later

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