Lauren Scruggs Reaches Undisclosed Settlement In Propeller Accident

Lauren Scruggs reaches an undisclosed settlement with Aggressive Insurance Services following the dreadful accident last December where the model was severely injured losing her left eye and hand, according to NBC News.

The 23-year-old Plano, Texas model and fashion blogger lost her left eye and left hand from the injuries she sustained when she walked into a spinning plane propeller in the dark.

Scruggs’ attorney acknowledged Tuesday that a settlement had been reached despite earlier reports that Lauren rejected a $200,000 insurance settlement with the insurer of the plane and pilot involved in the incident.

There are no specifications of what the settlement included, but reportedly the insurance offer wasn’t at first accepted or rejected because of awaiting the court to unambiguously define “passenger” as outlined in the insurance policy.

Why was the term significant?

Scruggs argued she was not a passenger at the time of the accident because she had exited the plane, standing on the tarmac at the time of the unfortunate mishap. Also, “passenger” being defined explicitly would determine the maximum payout for her sustained injuries, according to court papers.

“Ms Scruggs, in contrast, takes the literal and logical view of the term “getting out of” the aircraft, and contends that she was no longer a “passenger” because she had completed her exit from the aircraft prior to the time of the incident and was physically located on the tarmac when the incident happened.”

The Scruggs family and their attorney declined to comment disclosing any terms of the settlement, and the insurance company has yet to confirm the agreement. The two sides did jointly announce that they have resolved the issues in the declaratory judgment action.

The National Transportation Safety Board determined the pilot, Curt Richmond, was not responsible, although the board acknowledged he should have shut down the engine sooner.


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