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Gene Simmons Attacks Rihanna: ”No Karaoke Singers Allowed”

As far as we know, pop star Rihanna, has had no real beef with any other music artist in the industry, unless you’re counting Chris Brown. The “Birthday Cake” singer might be a little caught off guard by some negative comments recently made about her. However, she may be more shocked by who made the comments, rather than what was actually said.

Tuesday night, a press conference was held in Hollywood to promote a 40-day tour headlined by famous rock bands KISS and Motley Crue. Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist for KISS, boasted about how great the tour would be in comparison to shows put on by stars like Rihanna.

“We’re sick and tired of girls getting up there with dancers and karaoke tapes in back of them”, Simmons said via Yahoo Music. “No karaoke singers allowed. No fake bullsh-t. Leave that to Rihanna-Schimianna and everybody else whose name ends with an ‘A.” How many huge pop star names end with an “A”? Madonna. Simmons said of her recent Super Bowl performance, “I don’t care what your music is, have some integrity, be real, or full disclosure before the fact. Hold up a sign that says, ’70 percent of what you hear is fake. It’s a tape. I’m a karaoke singer.'”

Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee attempted to clear up Simmons’ statement, but instead added more fuel to the fire. “No disrespect to Rihanna, she’s a great singer, but we’re in a slump for some sh-t that has some personality and appeal beyond a bunch of pop stuff that’s floating around out there.”

He went on, “I’m glad he said that actually because I don’t think I can bear watching another f—king award show that is just a little better than ‘American Idol.’ It’s f—king pathetic to watch people go out and f—king karaoke with a bunch of lights and video. It’s all completely watered down.”

Well Simmons and Lee, tell us how you really feel. For the record girls are not the only high paid singers who lip synch, Justin Bieber has also been accused of being a ‘karaoke singer.’ Rihanna has yet to comment on these statements. This is quite surprising, since the star has become known for tweeting out her reactions, but we’ll give her a little time.

What do you think of Gene Simmon’s attack on Rihanna’s performances?


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