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Christopher Nolan Screens 'The Dark Knight Rises' On Warner Bros Lot

The Dark Knight Rises

It’s done! The most anticipated film of 2012 was screened on Friday to top Warner Bros executives. The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t open up until July 20, so Christopher Nolan has left plenty of time to tweek the edit.

Nolan has been spending a lot of time over the past few days on the Warner Bros lot putting some finishing touches on the film. On Friday the film was presented to film chief Jeff Robinov and production president Greg Silverman.

The sequel to the 2008’s $1-billion grossing movie The Dark Knight returns most of the cast, including Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman. New actors joining the cast include Joseph Gordon-Livitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, and Tom Hard as top villain Bane.

Nolan’s Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception all opened up before the Comic Con convention during their summer releases. Nolan himself has never been to Comic Con to promote any of his movies. Because the Dark Knight Rises opens a week after the convention, rumor is that Nolan will make an appearance this year.



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