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Lindsay Lohan Reportedly In Hit And Run Accident

Lindsay Lohan may be in deep water again as the actress was recently accused of leaving the scene of a car accident.

According to multiple sources, the Mean Girls actress hit a man while she was leaving a club Tuesday night in Hollywood. It was reported that when paparazzi and patrons came from the nearby Hookah Lounge to approached the movie star, Lohan attempted a U-turn, almost hitting a vehicle with her black Porsche. Sources say that the man exited his car and approached Lohan’s vehicle. After a few words, sources claim that the actress peeled off and grazed the man’s knee in the process.

A source told ebsite TMZ that, “The man is claiming that he is having trouble walking, and that Lindsay ran over his foot. The alleged victim is in the process of filing a police report, and there are two uniformed LAPD cops at his bedside, and he is in the process of relaying his version of events.”

The Los Angeles Police Department were called to the scene and they have reported that the incident had been fully investigated and that the case was closed.

Lohan took to Twitter to explain the incident with her own words saying, “Scrape? This is all a complete lie,” she wrote. “Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn’t even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd.”

The actress’ rep followed with a released statement saying, “Lindsay stopped by the club to drop in on a friend’s birthday party. When she arrived, there were so many photographers there that she decided to leave and never even got out of the car. At no point was there ever any indication that her car hit anyone or anything. We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the next few days.”

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