Beyonce's Baby Blue Ivy Will Be Spoiled Insists Grandpa Matthew

It’s no secret, but Beyonce Knowles’ father Matthew Knowles confirmed his youngest grandchild will be spoiled! During a promotional stop at British talk show “Lorraine” with his group From Above, Matthew spoke proudly about Blue Ivy.

“I just saw Beyoncé and Blue Ivy two days ago. She has already got fifty per cent growth in three weeks. She is going to be a really tall kid.” The business mogul who helped groom his daughter into the mega superstar she is today revealed that Blue Ivy will hardly have to lift a finger to succeed.

“If Blue Ivy wants to be a doctor when she grows up then they would figure how to buy a hospital. If she wants to be a basketball player I already own a WNBA team so she can play there and if she wants to be a singer then she would be very happy.”

Now we know why Jay-Z and Bey trademarked their daughters name! In the meantime, proud grandpa Matthew is available for lullabies.

“I had her in my arms and was singing a song I used to sing to Beyonce and then after I finished singing the song she kind of went, ‘Ahhhh”

How sweet. Do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z will find a balance in raising baby Blue Ivy? See pictures of Blue Ivy Carter

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