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Jessica Simpson's Baby Saved By Gut Feeling

A now very pregnant Jessica Simpson’s revealed how her early mommy intuition kicked in before she realized she was with child!

The “With You” singer-turned-entrepreneur was in motion to take a road trip to Venice Beach, California with fiancé Eric Johnson where booze was high on the priority list when she began having feelings of reservation.

“We were going to have an all-day drinking binge,” Jessica, 31, admitted to Elle Magazine.

“Going to ride our bikes, hang out … do naughty things. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?”

The “Fashion Star” mentor’s hunch was strong enough for her to act on it; she took a pregnancy test which revealed the mogul was set to have her first-born.

Her life and habits unfitting for a pregnant woman changed instantly.

“I’m a free-spirited girl, but giving up my scotch? My Macallan 18? That was hard for me!” she said. “Though now that doesn’t even sound good, being pregnant. You  crave other things. A big thing of water sounds great!”

Though the OB/GYN predicts their Jessica’s baby girl will be a ten-pounder, Simpson is hoping that the doctor is off-base on that number.

“I was only six pounds. So, maybe Eric and I can meet in the middle.”

See more pictures of Jessica Simpson’s baby bump below:

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