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Hugh Hefner Film 'Playboy' Acquired By Warner Bros.

Warner Bros has taken over the production of the movie Playboy, a film about Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner.

The film was originally at Universal, Brett Ratner was reportedly suppose to direct, and either Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Jackman was going to play Hefner. However, the studio tried for several years to tell the story but couldn’t manage to make progress.

Hugh Hefner is the American magazine publisher, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy. He evolved from a strict religious background to become the father of the sexual revolution movement. Hefner also used his magazine to help the civil rights movement. The Playboy owner put singer James Brown on his show Playboy After Dark when no one else would feature black performers on national television.

Jerry Weintraub, whose past work includes The Karate Kid and National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation, will produce the movie.

Wentraub hasn’t given any details yet of what part of Hefner’s life he will showcase. More information coming soon…

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