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Jennifer Aniston Says New York City Is Too Stressful For Her

The actress who once played New Yorker Rachel Green on Friends, doesn’t think the real life Big Apple is the right place to live.

While speaking to Australian radio’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” in Sydney, Jennifer Aniston said, “We tried New York,” referring to herself and partner Justin Theroux, “it felt like I was [living] in a fishbowl.”

The Wanderlust film star who now calls Los Angeles home added, “Justin still has an apartment there … It was a little rough with the paparazzi.  It didn’t feel like the New York I grew up in and knew.”

Aniston insists that because she lives in L.A., and not New York City, her current happiness level is at “10-plus.”  “You have a more relaxed sense of the world and life,” the movie star explains, “and you realize there’s nothing to be taken too seriously besides doing your work and being a really good person.”

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