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Gabrielle Union Stirs Shakeup At BET With Single Black Female Show

Gabrielle Union is set to hit the screen again, but this time the small screen—on BET! The “Bad Boys II” actress will be the lead actress for the sitcom powerhouse duo’s, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, new pilot, “Single Black Female,” confirms Deadline.

The hour-long pilot from the husband-and-wife team will chronicle the work and family life of a Black woman (Union) who hosts a well-received, Atlanta-based talk show a la “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“Single Black Female” falls under the umbrella of the prodigious production arrangement that Mara and Salim signed with BET in May which includes the ever-popular sitcom “the Game”. Said sitcom was written by Mara while her hubby directs the fan-favorite convoluted, entertaining plot.

Mara’s repertoire includes comedic dramas such as “Girlfriends”, “Moesha”, “Cougar Town”, and “The Jamie Foxx Show,” where each of the main character’s personalities was uniquely penned.   So, Mara’s take for Union’s forthcoming journey in the new plot will be interesting.

“Single Black Female” will make its debut late this summer in August. Will you be tuning in? We think bringing Gabrielle to BET is a smart, strategic move, what say you?

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