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Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Explains Chad Ochocinco Relationship

If you’re one of many who caught the last episode of Basketball Wives, your eyebrows likely raised when Eveyln Lozada began discussing the status of her relationship with fiance Chad Ochocinco. With her nuptials only a few months away Lozada requested her fiance to tighten up. That turned into talk about threesomes! In the end it appeared Evelyn agreed to an open relationship with Chad – what?! Don’t fret Evelyn took to her website to explain it all:

“I am a realist as to the world we live in. When your relationship is high profile and publicized like mine, I don’t put anything past anyone. Who is to say that either one of us will eventually fall into that temptation one day? We don’t know that.”

“My thing is, I want to take my wedding vows and say, we want this to be forever, but you never know.”

“I am not condoning Chad for cheating… There will be temptation, but it takes a strong bond to defeat it. We do love each other and are both focused on making this work… I love Chad, my focus is him and vice-versa and we are going to do this thing and work it out. There is an abundant amount of negativity and it isn’t easy. It has been a challenge, but this is my dude and I love him.”

You may commence fretting…

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