Lindsay Lohan Bashed For Heavy Cue Card Use On Saturday Night Live

Lindsay Lohan‘s favorite thing on her return to Saturday Night Live were the cue cards! Despite having guest appearances by John Hamm and Jimmy Fallon, Lohan fell way short of excellence in what was pegged as her comeback performance. The opening SNL monologue was promising with the cast cautiously welcoming back the troubled star. Kristen Wiig assured Lohan everyone was rooting for her before camouflaging a frisking session as a hug. “She’s clean,” said Kristen.

The awkwardness came during her Scared Straight skit with Keenan – Lohan’s eyes constantly shifted to her cue cards which inevitably caused her to stumble through several lines. Her criticism from fans included,

“She was awkward, flubbing lines–none of which she had memorized–and she looked uncomfortable constantly. She had no confidence.”

“She relied constantly on the cue cards, her timing was horrible, she was shifty and awkward, and it was embarrassing. At one point she didn’t even make EYE CONTACT with her co-star because she was reading straight from the cue card.”

Watch below:

Luckily she managed to squeeze in one good skit with Disney Housewives. The characters included Disney princesses Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle and Lindsay as the sassy Rapunzel. Watch below:

What did you think of Lindsay Lohan’s performance on Saturday Night Live?

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