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Beyonce Breastfeeds Baby Blue Ivy Carter In Public – Advocates React

Beyonce Knowles was out dining with husband Jay-Z and 7-week-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter in her first public outing, at Sant Ambroeus café and espresso bar in NYC’s West Village when Bey was spotted breastfeeding her infant girl, according to US Weekly.

This family outing makes the second time in the last week that the Carters have been out enjoying themselves.

While onlookers have said that the “Party” singer was nursing baby Blue at her table, there is no word if the first-time mom used any covering to shield her breast while feeding Blue.

The fashionable mom was relatively dressed down in leather pants, a blue over-sized parka, with her “Love On Top” video shoes (remember the black ones?), and the Beatles-like sunglasses while holding Blue in a blue (go figure) BabyBjorn covered in a black Donni Charm scarf.

The megastar’s fashion is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but Bey’s public breastfeeding is materializing another subject today—is it uncouth to breastfeed in public? Is it normal? Why is it not okay for a mother to feed her child in public?

Besides the baby’s need to eat and breastfeeding mothers gain the additional benefit losing their pregnancy weight sooner, according to

Many have much to say, fans, mothers and non-mothers, on the sensitive topic:

Kelz said: “I don’t think it’s respectful to the people around you. There was a lady breast feeding on a plane beside me and my 5 year old. And trying to explain that to her was far from easy. I just think out of respect you can go to a bathroom or somewhere else”

@courtney_3889 said:   “I see no problems with breastfeeding in public. Babies have to eat too! If I’m not going to eat in a bathroom stall, my baby isn’t either. I have no idea why people are offended by it. I’ve NEVER encountered a women being indiscreet about public breastfeeding.”

Jewel said:   “I don’t have a problem w/ breastfeeding around close friends, family, etc. (with a covering of course). I do feel, however, that if you KNOW you’re going out in public, why not pump some bottles for the day so that when the baby gets hungry there’s no need to worry about if anyone’s uncomfortable.”

@Odd_Mama_Out said:   “Pumping is not as easy as it sounds. Also to take the extra time and unnecessary expense (pumps, supplies don’t come cheap defeating one of the reasons women choose to breastfeed—it is free). Pumping is not for the comfort of other people and their so-called sensibilities. Pumping can create problems for women–Issues with supply and so forth. And last but not least–the only person a breastfeeding mother need be concerned with? It’s her child.”

Tom said: “ppl idolize women splashing their breast for sexual purposes & have problems with public breastfeeding…pathetic”

Leah Jayne Sell: To the people who think a nursing baby is gross… you are a full grown adult and still drinking milk. What is your justification? Your excuse? I mean we are the only species in nature that drinks milk past infancy. Only thing is- our milk is derived from a LACTATING BOVINE. A COW. Now that is truly disgusting. Any one saying that breastfeeding a baby is gross neglects this very disturbing piece of information. Next time you open a gallon of milk, remember it came from the breast/mammary gland of an animal. Sick.

Camila Nin: What is with some American idiots about breastfeeding in public? If the baby is hungry, feed the baby, it is a natural thing.

Though Beyonce has started the public breastfeeding dialogue again and experiencing the joys of motherhood, she still has business on the brain. She has an upcoming tour and new music later this year, but the rumored movie with Glee creator has been shot down by Bey’s rep.

As the story gains popularity Emma Kwasnica, a childbirth and breastfeeding educator told ABC News, “I think Beyonce has a huge impact on being able to re-normalize breastfeeding and give women confidence to do the same. Images of pop stars and celebrities giving their babies nourishment will never harm our cause.”

Dr. Alison Stuebe, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at University of North Carolina Health Care also added, “While breastfeeding is natural, the act has been marginalized and stigmatized in American culture. [And] at the expense of the health and well-being of mothers and babies. By bringing breastfeeding into the mainstream, Beyonce can help break down barriers so that mothers and babies can breastfeed in peace.”

So, weigh in: Should mothers breastfeed their babies in public? See more pictures of Beyoncey’s baby Blue Ivy Carter.

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