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The Dictator Sacha Baron Cohen Gets His Way, Will Attend The Oscars

The Dictator star, Sacha Baron Cohen, has gotten his way. It appears the controversial funny man will participate in the 84th Annual Academy Awards afterall.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator has been stirring  up controversy in mass  this week, but he finally received tickets for  tomorrow’s ceremony.

Various sources have also confirmed that General Aladeen will be in attendance at the awards show, with Oscar producer Brian Grazer expressing, “We’re thrilled to have him and he’ll be on the red carpet dressed as The Dictator.”

The Dictator himself also confirmed  he will be in attendance via his official Facebook page, with the above photo. Cohen followed the photo with a tweet that read:

“VICTORY IS OURS! Today the Mighty Nation of Wadiya triumphed over the Zionist snakes of Hollywood. Evil and all those who made Satan their protector were vanquished and driven into the Pacific Sea. What I am trying to say here is that the Academy have surrendered and sent over two tickets and a parking pass!”

Before news broke that Cohen would be granted an appearance at Hollywood’s biggest night, the actor, in character as the Dictator, released a video statement expressing “outrage at being banned” by the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Zionists.” He threatened “unimaginable consequences” if he wasn’t allowed to attend – and wished host Billy Crystal good luck.

Check out the hilarious video of Cohen as The Dictator threatening the Academy below.

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