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'300' Actor Gerald Butler In Rehab For Substance Abuse

Scottish actor Gerard Butler, the star of 300, has entered rehab after battling substance abuse.

According to TMZ, Butler’s, 42, troubles with substance abuse began when he started taking pain meds while filming the grueling action movie 300 in 2006. He was re-injured on set of his surfing movie Of Men and Mavericks late last year.

“In the movie, I put in a scene about a ‘two wave hold down’ when you are down for so long that the next wave comes over before you get back up, and that’s what happened to me,” Butler later said of his dangerous surfer role. “They finally grabbed me just as another huge wave was coming in. It was just like a movie! In fact, everything I talked about happening in the movie happened to me.”

Suffering from excruciating pain, Butler reportedly upped the dose of his pain meds to get through shooting the film.

TheĀ  Machine Gun Preacher star entered the Betty Ford clinic approximately three weeks ago and should be checking out soon.

TMZ is also reporting that Gerard Butler may be battling more than just pain killer addiction, suggesting the actor may have “developed issues with cocaine” as well.


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