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Jennifer Aniston Talks About Her Multiple Nude Scenes In Wanderlust

Does Jennifer Aniston love to do nude scenes?

Well, if a person were to judge by the actress’ recent interviews they might think so.

In an interview with ET Canada, the Hollywood star talks nonchalantly about rolling around on camera naked in her upcoming movie Wanderlust. “Yeah, there was a lot of [nudity],” Aniston said. “Bottomless, topless. Yeah, there is. It’s happening.”

When The Sun UK asked Aniston if she felt a little uncomfortable doing the nude scenes the Horrible Boss star’s answer was almost identical:

“You do get nervous when there’s a day where it’s oops, I’m naked. I wouldn’t go topless for a cause, going to such an extreme to make a difference. But we’ve been among these people in this environment for almost two months. The topless scene was nothing compared to what happened in the two months prior. There was an actor naked the whole time getting his touch-ups and everybody else just having a normal conversation.”

The actress even talked about the tactics she used to block out all the other thespians taking off their clothes.  She says she just “figured out how to throw on a pair of sunglasses.”

Wanderlust is a film about the travels of a couple making the transition from living in New York City to the countryside. The movie hits theaters February 22, 2012.

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