Vanessa Bryant: Kobe Begs For Forgiveness With Lavish Gifts

Vanessa Bryant is experiencing deja vu with her estranged husband Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. In 2003, after sexual assault charges were levied against Kobe, his wife Vanessa stood by him and played a significant role in revamping his damaged image. The united family front cost Kobe a pretty penny when he gifted his wife with a $4 million 8-carat purple diamond ring. Fast forward to 2011 and Vanessa has filed for divorce after it’s rumored Kobe’s slept with over 105 women! The divorce continued amicably into 2012 as Vanessa was awarded 3 mansions totaling $18 million and $75 million of Kobe’s reported $150 million assets. Yet despite his willingness to give his soon-to-be ex wife whatever she wants Kobe wants to keep his marriage together.

According to TMZ Kobe has sworn to never cheat again. Celebs Dirty Laundry added that Kobe’s “Last ditch attempt to save his marriage also includes lavish gifts. He’s willing to splash the cash to get his personal life back on track. It’s understood he’s forked out for some major bling. Vanessa has received a very expensive piece of jewelry.”

It appears Kobe’s divorce may indeed be put on hold after the duo shared a public kiss on Valentine’s Day. Friends of the estranged couple say they won’t be surprised.

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