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Oprah Winfrey's Eager Attempt For Nielsen Viewers Backfires

Oprah Winfrey may be the last name you would associate with a twitter scandal! But soon after the Grammy Awards where many were still mourning the tragic passing of Whitney Houston, Oprah was brewing up her own news. It’s no secret that Oprah’s OWN network has struggled for viewers and forced the talk show queen to takeover the helms last year in hopes of revitalizing the brand. In keeping with the relaunch Oprah tweeted on Sunday night:

“Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Neilsen box.”

In a day where consumers are bombarded for their time with repeated and often offensive solicitation, Oprah apparently stepped over the line. Cue in Nielsen, the ratings company that pops at your door hoping you will allow them to install a box on your TV. An insider told Deadline,

“TV types tell me that Nielsen makes its rated shows sign agreements that they won’t openly solicit Nielsen households. Especially during sweeps periods like now. So TV execs expect Nielsen not to issue a rating for last night’s OWN as a way of punishing Oprah going rogue.”

Nielsen also released   a statement, “In accordance with our policies and procedures, Nielsen is reviewing this incident with our clients and we may withhold, breakout and/or make a note in the ratings,” read a statement from the company. “We take any violation of our policy seriously and will work with clients to resolve the situation.”

And for those of you calling Oprah “desperate” and accused her of “begging”, she has some words for you:

“‘Desperate’ not ever a part of my vocab. Just making a request, since I can’t watch myself. Choice is yours.”

“The word ‘please’ is used as courtesy not a beg …‘unethical’ a little harsh don’t u think? Seemed like it made sense to me. Sorry if u’re offended.”

Were you offended by Oprah’s tweet?

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