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Beyonce Baby Blue Ivy Carter Photos Worth $14 Million

Beyonce Baby – Beyonce Knowlesand Jay Z are prepping Blue Ivy Carter’s future as the business savvy couple have received an official trademark for their month-old daughter and surprisingly revealed Blue Ivy’s first pictures to the world on Tumblr sans a reportedly whopping $14 million magazine offer according to New York Daily news.

The mega-couple who always play by their own rules and refuses to be led by golden tickets published five pictures of Blue on a free Tumblr account (helloblueivycarter) where a beaming Jay and a cheesing Bey is seen cradling the little one in individual frames. While the other three snapshots include Blue Ivy’s little hand being showcased by her mommy, a sleeping Blue and a wide-eyed Blue looking away from the camera.

Beyonce Baby — Blue Ivy Carter Photos

The couple included a freehand message, “We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives.”

Blue Ivy’s pictures started an internet frenzy about whether or not the precious baby girl was biologically of the Carters and those who believed she was—who she favored more, among a number of other rumors.

“Blue Ivy is flawless like Beyonce, and she looks like her mom,” while another fan joked, “That baby looks like Beyonce had a baby with Beyonce.”

“I think you see Beyonce, but she’s definitely daddy’s little girl. I see Jay-Z big time,” said celebrity baby trend expert Rachel Florio-Urso. “There’s something from the eyebrows to the mouth that you see a lot of daddy.”

While the debate was ongoing for hours on Friday after the pics were released, the bickering was silenced by the tragic death of the iconic Whitney Houston on Saturday. Beyonce later released a moving statement in tribute to her idol , pegging Houston as the ultimate legend.

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced that the “Love On Top” singer is gearing up for her comeback since giving birth last month and that she and hubby Jay are embarking on their daughter’s brand now that the trademark for Blue’s name has been approved.

As POPULARCRITIC reported earlier this month, the Carters made a motion to have the baby girl’s name trademarked to safeguard her name being mischievously handled and to prevent others from making a profit from Blue Ivy’s name because of whose child she is.

According to the trade mark application, Blue’s brand will house various products as video games, plastic flags, baby bathtubs, books, movies, and jewelry—just to name a few items. Though the trademark of Blue’s name builds a wall of protection in many layers, the trademark cannot stop anyone from naming their child ‘Blue Ivy’. Sonia Katyal, a Fordham law school professor added to, “When you register a mark for federal protection, you get the ability to stop anyone from using a similar mark throughout the country.   With their Blue Ivy trademark, Beyonce and Jay Z would be the only ones who could use the name in connection with certain goods and services–in this case, baby stuff. “it also conveys a certain kind of recognition.”

“Trademark protection does not grant monopoly rights to a name,” says Oliver Herzfeld, a chief legal officer at a brand licensing company. “If that was the case Apple Inc. could have sued Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin for naming their child Apple.”

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